Vol 4, No 1 (2006)

Organelle DNA variation in potato species
Antonova O.U., Gavrilenko T.A.
Ecological genetics. 2006;4(1):3-10
Diversity of nocardio- and coryneform bacteria in soil adjacent to pig farm treatment installation
Shibaeva M.E., Kvitko K.V., Andronov E.E., Arkhipchenko I.A.
Ecological genetics. 2006;4(1):11-16
Chloroplast microsatellites in barley: the reduction of variability spectrum in cultivated forms
Lukhanina N.V., Sinyavskaya M.G., Goloenko I.M., Davydenko O.G.
Ecological genetics. 2006;4(1):17-21
Sensitivity of plant and bacterial test systems in detecting of mutagenic effects of oil pollution
Djambetova P.M., Reutova N.V.
Ecological genetics. 2006;4(1):22-27
The dissociation of Bacillus thuringiensis as manifestation of «stationary-phase mutagenesis»
Chemerilova V.I., Sekerina O.A., Kravets E.V., Malanushenko L.V.
Ecological genetics. 2006;4(1):28-35

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