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Author Guidelines


To publish an article in the Yugra State University Bulletin one should submit a text of article for the editorial office documented in Russian or, as agreed with the editorial office, in English, corresponding with regulations mentioned below and a standard application ( containing information about the contributor (group of contributors). An editorial board has the right to refrain from admitting an article for consideration if it does not correspond with the journal format or the editorial portfolio is overloaded. All articles submitted for the editorial office are to be reviewed. Articles in the journal (including post-graduate students) are published on the non-profit basis.  

Publishing requirements for the scientific journal «Yugra State University Bulletin» 

1.      An original article with an application of the contributor (contributors) are to be submitted for the executive secretary of editorial board Aleksandr E. Seregin in electronic MS Word format to

2.      The file with an article is to include the following:

  • UDC number of the article’s subject;

  • First, last and middle names of the contributor (contributors are to be separated by commas);

  • Title of the article (no capital letters are allowed);

  • Body text of the article (with pictures and tables if any are available);

  • Reference list (no references to unpublished articles are allowed).

3.      Text format requirements:

a)      Research article is to have a 10-15 pages limit (text and graphics);

b)      A4 page layout, font Times New Roman, 14 font size, 1.5 interline spacing;

c)      No hyphens are allowed in the text.


4.     Formulae, value notations and numerical values

a)      Formulae, value notations and numerical values are to be formatted in Microsoft Equation 3.0 or MathType,

b)      If there are several formulae in a row, each is to be typed separately,

c)      All notations used are to be defined by the end of the sentence in which they occur for the first time (definition for univocal notations that are universal for all spheres of sciences is optional);

d)     Formulae, value notations and numerical values are regarded as parts of the sentence, thus they will conform to punctuation rules, they will include other words or punctuation marks inbetween (sign «⇒» cannot be a substitution);

e)      No sentence is to begin with a formula.


5.      Pictures and tables

a)      Pictures and tables are to be presented in separate paragraphs as they are mentioned in the text,

b)      Pictures and tables are not to split the sentence,

c)      Pictures and tables are to have separate numeration,

d)     Each picture and table is to have a caption,

e)      Each picture or table is to have a reference in the article text,

f)       Picture or table is to follow the paragraph with their first reference.


6.      Reference list is to contain the following data:

a)      In print issues: last names and initials of contributors, title of a book or an article, city, publishing house, year. One can mention several separate pages or total number of pages if desired;

b)      In electronic resources: title of an article in the Internet, active link, last access date for the active link.


7.      An application filled in accordance with instructions ( bulletin-of-YuSU /doc/anketa.doc) is to be attached as a separate file and include the following data:

a)      UDC number;

b)      Title of the article;

c)      Abstract of the article;

d)     Key words;

e)      Information about contributors (first, last and middle names, academic degree, position, work place, telephone number, email).


8.      Failing to meet any of the abovementioned requirements is a reason to refuse publication.

Article with unfinished applications are not subject to publishing


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • Absence of plagiarism. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).

  • Correct manuscript format. Manuscript file format is Microsoft Word (has the extension *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf). The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in "For Authors" section.


Copyright Notice


Khanty-Mansiysk                                                                                   «____» ___________ 2017


Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yugra State University”, legally represented by Andrey BorisovichMartynenko, Vice-rector for Research and International Affairs,acting pursuant to a Power of Attorney № 49 dated 03.04.2017 (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) offers to the public at large (hereinafter referred to as “the Author”) toenter into this service agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) for processing, editing and publishing papers (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”) in the scientific journal “Bulletin of Yugra State University” (hereinafter referred to as “the Journal”) under the following terms and conditions.

This agreement in accordance with paragraph 2, Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is a public offer, full and unconditional acceptance of which in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the submitting by the Author his\her papers to the e-mail address

  1. Terms used in the Agreement:
  • Author isan individual who compiledthe Paper through his\her creative work.
  • Offer acceptance isa full and unconditional admission of the Offer.
  • Journal is the scientific journal “Bulletin of Yugra State University”.
  • Application is an Author’s Paper submitted for publishing in the Journal.
  • Offer is a proposal containing all the essential terms of the agreement, from which the will of the person making the offer is seen to conclude an agreement on terms stated in the Offer with anyone who responds.
  • Publication is a posting of the Paper in the Journal.
  • Editorial board of the Journal is a creative team issuing the Journal.
  • Editor-in-chief of the Journal is an person heading the Editorial board of the Journal.
  • Paper (materials, manuscript) is an original scientific, research, methodical work submitted by the Author for publising in the Journal (previously unpublished).
  • Copy editing of the Paper is a verification of the structure and format of the document, an ensuring compatibility with the requirements of GOST (National State Standard), VAK (State Supreme Certification Commission).
  • Service is a processing and editing of manuscripts, posting (publishing) the Paper in the Journal following the Author’s application.


  1. Subject matter of Agreement
  • 1.The Author hereunder grants the University free of charge for the copyright validity period,as provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the exclusive right in accordance with paragraph 2, Article 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and hereby to use the scientific work created by the Author (Papers) for publishing in the scientific journal "Bulletin of Yugra State University", on the terms specified herein.


  1. General terms and conditions of service
  • 1.The University renders the Service to the Author provided the following concurrent conditions shall be met:
    • - The author provided the questionnaire and the text of the Article (hereinafter jointly referred to as Materials) by posting the materials on the site of the Scientific Journal "Yugra State University Bulletin" through the personal cabinet;
    • - The Author submitted the Materials in accordance with the submission, review and publishing regulations of the Journal;
    • - The Paper contains all references to the cited Author and/or publications provided for by the copyright law, the Author obtained all necessary admissions for the results, facts and other borrowed materials used in the Paper, for which the Author does not hold a copyright;
    • - The Author accepted the Offer.
  • 2. In the event that the Author failed to submit the Materials in accordance with terms and conditions of the Offer, the University reserves the right to deny their publishing.
  • 3. The Paper shall be at least 20,000 printed characters with spaces and not exceed 40,000 printed characters with spaces. Editorial board of the Journal determines the total number of pages of the Paper.
  • 4. In case the Paper is not admitted for publishing, the University informs the Author if the Author provided his\her contact e-mail address or phone number.
  • 5. The University shall not remunerate Authors who published their Papers in the Journal.


  1. Rights and obligations of the parties
  • 1. The Author shall:
    • - submit the Paper as specified by submission, review and publishing regulations of the Journal;
    • - inform other Authors, if any, about the terms of this Agreement and obtain the consent of all Authors to enter into this Agreement under specified conditions;
    • - make amendments/changes to the text of the Paper reported by reviewers and editors of the Journal and/or, if needed, refine the Paper upon the University’s  request;
  • 2.The University shall:
    • - render services to the Author to the extent covered by this Agreement.
  • 3. The University shall have the right:
    • - without prior Author’s consent to perform literary and copy editing of the Paper, not alteringits fundamental propositions;
    • - to review Papers and encourage the Author to make necessary changes, the Paper shall not be published in the Journal until the changes are made;
    • - to set rules (conditions) for the admission and publication of the Papers in the Journal. The Editorial board of the Journal shall have exclusive rights to select and/or reject the Papers submitted to the Journal for publishing. The printed Paper submitted by the Author to the Journal, is not subject to return.
    • - to suspend rendering of Services to the Author hereunder for technical, technological or other reasons interfering with the rendering of Services for an elimination period of such causes. The Editorial board of the Journal informs the Author via the e-mail address or phone number given by him\her  when submitting the Paper;
    • - to post the abstract, keywords and the full text of the Papers to be published in the Journal, on the Internet;
    • - to suspend rendering of Services hereunder unilaterally, in case the Paper is not relevant to the subject matter of the Journal (or any part thereof) or the Paper submitted is insufficient for stand-alone publication, or the Paper presentation does not meet the requirements or due to the Customer's breach of other obligations accepted in accordance with the Offer, as well as due to other reasons;
    • - to remove Papers from the University’s website, which are in breach with third-party copyrights;
    • - to transfer contact information of the Author to third parties which copyright is in breach by the Author’s Paper;
    • - to post preliminary information about coming publication of the Paper in information resources .
  • 4.In any case, not specified herein, the Parties are bound by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


  1. Offer acceptance and agreement conclusion
  • 1.The author makes an Acceptance of the Offer by posting the materials on the site of the Scientific Journal "Yugra State University Bulletin" through the personal cabinet.


  1. Duration, modification and termination of agreement
  • 1.This agreement shall come into effect as from the date of the Offer accepted by the Author and is effective until the University honoured its commitments to render the Services except for the early termination of the Agreement.
  • 2.Changes in the terms and early termination of this agreement shall be agreed by the Parties.
    • Proposals to change the terms of this Agreement and of its early termination shall be considered by the Parties within 30 days and shall be formalized in a supplementary  agreement.
  • 3.This Agreement may be terminated prior to the expiry date at any time as agreed by the Parties in written form and signed by the Parties.
  • 4.Termination of the Agreement for any reason shall not exempt the Parties from liability for violation of the terms of this Agreement occured during its validity.


  1. Liability
  • 1.The Parties shall be liable provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation for failing to perform or improper performance of their obligations hereunder.
  • 2. The Author shall be solely liable for:
    • - compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including legislation on advertising, on copyright and related rights protection, on trademarks and service marks protection;
    • - reliability of information given by the Author when accepting the Offer;
    • - compliance with the publishing ethics, which the Editorial board of the Journal follows;
    • - reliability of data submitted by the Author;
    • - disclosure of commercial or state secrets, if any in the Paper;
    • - reliability of personal details as well as personal details of Co-authors.
  • 3.The University shall not be liable in accordance with the Offer for:
    • - any consequences that might be a direct or indirect result of the Author’s act;
    • - any losses  the Authorsuffered, regardless the University could or could not foresee the possibility of such damages;
    • - the University is not liable for publishing papers in the Journal that are in breach with the third-party copyrights. The Author shall bear direct liability for copyright infringement, when submitting the Paper to the Editor, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • 4.Not in conflict with the above, the University shall be released from liability for breach of thisAgreement if such a breach is caused by an act of God (force majeure), including actions of public authorities (including adoption of legal acts), fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, lack of electricity and/or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to those listed, which may affect the execution of the Agreement by the Contractor.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • 8.1. The Agreement, its conclusion and execution is governed in accordance withcurrent legislation of the Russian Federation. If disputes between the Author and the University concerning this Agreementare not resolved by means ofnegotiations between the parties, they shall be subject to review in accordance with the procedure provided for by the current legislation at the location of the University.
  • 8.2. Any notices, messages, requests, etc. (except fororiginal documents that must be sent in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation) are deemed to have been received by the Author, if they have beendelivered (sent) by the University via e-mail specified in the Application and vie other communication channels, the parties accept the legal force of notices, messages, requests, etc., delivered (sent) by the methods mentioned above.
  • 8.3. In case the party lodges a claim with the University regarding the breach of the exclusive copyright and other intellectual property rights of third parties when creating the Paper, or related to the Author having entered into this Agreement, the Author shall undertaketo:
  • - upon receiving the notice from the University immediately use efforts to settle disputes with third parties, if needed, join the litigation on the Contractor's side and take all the actions in his\her power to exempt the Contractor from among the respondents;
  • - reimburse the University for the incurred legal costs, as well as for expenses and damages,
  • caused by provisional injunction and execution of the judgement, and the amounts paid to a third party for violating the exclusive copyright and other intellectual property rights, as well as other losses suffered by the Contractor due to Author’s failure to comply with the guarantees provided hereunder.
  • 8.4. If the Author is an individual, then in accordance with Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 from the date of this Agreement and until the termination of obligations of the Parties hereunder the Author agrees to the following Author’s personal data processing by the University: full name, passport details, residence, date of birth, postal address, telephone/fax number, e-mail address. The University shall have the right to process these personal data for the execution of this Agreement, including rendering information and reference services to the Author. Personal data processing refers to actions (operations) with personal data, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (updating, modification), use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking and destruction of personal data.
  • 8.5. The Author shall have the right to withdraw his\her consent to process personal data by noticing the University in the cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Upon receiving the notice the University shall have the right to suspend rendering of the Services.


  1. Banking details of the University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yugra State University”

Registered and mailing address: 628012, 16 Chekhova street, Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra.

TIN (tax identification number): 8601016987

RRC (registration reason code): 860101001

Primary State Registration Number: 1028600511103

Budgetary Classification Code: 00000000000000000130

Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations: 57421916

Russian National Classifier of Forms of Ownership: 12

Russian National Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories: 71871000

Russian National Classifier of Public Authorities: 13244

Federal Treasury Department of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra (Yugra State University, current account No. 20876Х41440, transactions account No. 40501810300002000002, Khanty-Mansiysk Payment ProcessingCentre, BIC 047162000).



Vice-rector for Research   and International Affairs                                                                            Andrey Martynenko


Privacy Statement

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors’ affiliations and e-mail address will be published as ‘Authors’ Information’.

The phone number of the author responsible for correspondence will be known only to the editorial staff and it will be used only if absolutely necessary.

The editorial board of the Journal and website administrators do not disclose any personal information, given by the user while working with the Journal website, to the third parties, except under conditions specified in the Authors’ Contract.


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