Hypercortisolism and pregnancy

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In this study we retrospectively analyzed data from 221 autopsy protocols of maternal mortality 1996-2015 years. Pathology of adrenal cortex detected in 11 dead. Microadenoma with or without adenomatous hyperplasia of adrenal cortex detected in 8 dead, simple hyperplasia detected in 3 dead. In one case detected bilateral diffuse nodular hyperplasia adrenal cortex in combination with focal adenomatous hyperplasia basophil adenocytes pituitary. In this article presented the background pathology analysis, course and outcomes of the last pregnancy. The conclusion was that the microadenomas of adrenal cortex rarely remain asymptomatic incidentalomas, but more often occur the subclinical or clinical hypercortisolism. The pregnancy on their background carries a high risk of developing of serious complications.

Margarita A. Repina

Author for correspondence.
North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov
Russian Federation, 41, Kirochnaya street, Saint-Petersburg, 191015


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