The analysis of the cataract surgery results in patients previously operated for retinal detachment

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The study purpose: to investigate the development of cataracts and their surgical treatment results in patients previously operated for retinal detachment. Material and methods: 53 patients, who for had cataract surgery after previous surgery for retinal detachment with retinal reattachment were included in the study. The mean age of patients was 62 years. Results and discussion: the cataract progression is characteristic for patients in whom vitrectomy was used in retinal detachment treatment. The cataract development after extrascleral procedures occurs more rarely. Cataract surgical treatment results are worse after the use of endovitreal retinal detachment treatment methods.

Andrey Dmitrievich Shchukin

City hospital N 2

candidate of medical science, ophthalmologist. Eye microsurgery department N 2

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