Adult onset multifocal vitelliform macular dystrophy

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Yury Sergeevich Astakhov

I. P. Pavlov First State Medical University

MD, doctor of medical science, professor

Viktoriya Vyacheslavovna Smaznova

Diagnostic center N 7 (ophthalmological) for adults and children


Aida Abdulaevna Shakhnazarova

Diagnostic center N 7 (ophthalmological) for adults and children

candidate of medical science, MD

Natalia Vladimirovna Morozova

Diagnostic center N 7 (ophthalmological) for adults and children

candidate of medical science, deputy head of the diagnostic center

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Copyright (c) 2013 Astakhov Y.S., Smaznova V.V., Shakhnazarova A.A., Morozova N.V.

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