Our experience of Restasis® use in patients with “dry eye” syndrome occurring against the context of graft versus host reaction after bone marrow allografting

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Restasis® is the only ophthalmic medication containing cyclosporine A that is registered in the Russian Federation. According to prescribing information, it is indicated in keratoconjunctivitis sicca with decreased tear secretion. However, there are several similar conditions, in particular ophthalmic forms of graft versus host reaction, in which its use may be appropriate and of high practical interest. We observed 20 patients with ophthalmic forms of graft versus host reaction after bone marrow allografting. All patients were treated by Restasis® b.i.d., there were no side-effects. In one month of treatment tear breakup time test results improved, as well as the corneal epithelium status.

Sergey Yur'yevich Astakhov

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Email: astakhov73@mail.ru
MD, PhD, professor. Ophthalmology Department

Natal'ya Viktorovna Tkachenko

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Email: natalyatkachenko@yandex.ru
MD, PhD, assistant professor. Ophthalmology Department

Natalya Viktorovna Chistyakova

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Email: nchistik@mail.ru
Ophthalmology Department

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