Ahmed valve implantation results in neovascular glaucoma patients: Evaluation of short-term and remote

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Objective: to evaluate Ahmed valve implantation results in neovascular glaucoma patients. Methods: standard implantation method was used in 87 patients aged 57-86 years. Check-up examinations were performed in 1 week, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 36 months after surgery. Results: during short-term post-op period (one month after surgery), intraocular pressure normalized in 48 patients. During remote post-op period (6-36 months after surgery), intraocular pressure normalization was achieved in 69 patients (79.2 %), among them in 62 patients (71.2 %) - against the background of IOP-lowering treatment. The main complication was a hemorrhage from anterior chamber angle and iris new vessels that was found in 37 patients (42.5 %), in a quarter of cases it required hyphema washout. In three patients, sustained hypotony developed, in one case it brought to globe sub-atrophy. In two of observed patients, enucleation was performed because of pain syndrome rebound. Conclusions: In 79.2 % neovascular glaucoma patients, the valve implantation led to IOP normalization, while in 71.2 % of cases it required a return to IOP-lowering therapy.

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About the authors

Olga Gennadievna Pavlova

Multifield Hospital N 2

Email: olga-g-p@rambler.ru

Vadim Petrovich Nikolaenko

Multifield Hospital N 2

Email: dr.Nikolaenko@mail.ru
MD, PhD, Doc.Med.Sci., head of ophthalmology department


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Copyright (c) 2015 Pavlova O.G., Nikolaenko V.P.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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