Unrevealed In clinical practice, acute form of ischemic heart disease: frequency, Laws, impact on Epidemiology


To analyse the frequency of unrecognized and/or unregistered fatal and nonfatal cases of acute coronary heart disease (CHD) and to estimate the unrecognized / unregistered cases influence on the acute CHD morbidity and mortality rate. Materials and methods. The unrecognized in medical documents acute CHD cases were actively revealed among 285 736 population according to the Study Design. Results. The portion of unrecognized cases in qualified acute CHD morbidity rate was 20.78% among males and 24.48% - among females, and 89.43% unrecognized cases had fatal outcome. In the issue of unrecognized cases revealing the acute CHD morbidity rate was increased by 26.24% among males and by 32.41% - among females, and the acute CHD mortality rate was increased in 2.13 and 2.28 times accordingly. Conclusion. The study results indicated the low acute CHD detectability in clinical practice and underestimate of acute CHD as cause of death.


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