Quantitative characteristic of microvessel elements of temporal skin in women of different age categories with an additional pathology

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To define structural and functional changes of skin in women of different age groups with an additional internal pathology in this work intraoperative biopsy material of skin of 104 women at the age from 19 to 73 years, that was taken during standard surgery instrumentations for different defects of face skin correction, was investigated. It is typical at the patients with nicotinic dependence, ischemic heart disease, hypertonic disease, a diabetes, and also adiposity of a different degree essential infringement of microvessels bed structure of a skin that gives the basis for allocation of the given contingent of patients as group high intraoperative and postoperative risk at carrying out of operative interventions for correction of face skin involutive changes.

I V Tverdokhleb

Email: ivt@dsma.dp.ua

L Yu Naumenko

A I Makarchuk

I V Tverdokhleb

L Yu Naumenko

O I Makarchuk

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