Advantages of laser coagulation for bladder leukoplakia

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THE AIM OF STUDY is evaluating of laser coagulation efficiency for bladder leukoplakia.Patients and methods: Laser coagulation of changed mucosa was carried out for 117 female patients with bladder leukoplakia using high energetic laser “Lahta-Milon” (Russia) with wave-length 0.81 µm and energy output 16 W. This way of treatment allows for changed bladder mucosa removal without dipper wall lays, lamina propria and muscle lay damages. Results: The more permanent effect of pelvic and urethral pain decreasing as well as dysuria, urodynamic parameters normalization after laser coagulation of chanced mucosa of bladder in patients with chronic cystitis in combination with bladder planocellular epithelial metaplasia was proofed. Cоnclusion: The main advantages of laser coagulation for chanced bladder mucosa are minimal surgical trauma, good haemostasis, absence of intraoperative complications, fast (under one month) elimination of bladder’s tunica mucosa from eschar, short period of rehabilitation after surgical operation.