Urologicheskie vedomosti

Medical peer-review journal for practitioners and researchers.

Editor-in-Cheif: professor Tkachuk V.P. 

Indexing: Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodical directory.

The quarterly scientific and practical journal «Urologičeskie vedomosti» was found in St. -Petersburg in 2010.

The fundamental and clinical aspects of urology concerning the etiology, risk factors, epidemiology, clinical current, diagnostics and treatment of the different urological diseases are publishing in the journal. The problematic of the articles includes the questions of general urology and different aspects of the urological science – neurourology, andrology, oncourology, male reproduction and the others as well as the allied trades.

The journal is issued with the assistance of the Department of Urology, St.-Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University, and St.-Petersburg Society of Urologists.



Editorial news: The Journal is included into the “List” of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles


The Journal is included into the “List of leading scientific journals under review, where principal data of applicants for scientific degree has to be published”, as decreed by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles and revised in 2017.

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Current Issue

Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Assesment of the efficiency of conservative treatment of Peyronie’s disease
Kalinina S.N., Fesenko V.N., Nikolskii A.V., Burlaka O.O., Marchenko N.V.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):5-10
Endovascular surgery of the iliac veins with bilateral varicocele and varicose veins of the pelvic organs in men
Kapto A.A.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):11-17
Combined (citrate and herbal) drug uriklar in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and metaphylaxis of urolithiasis
Shestaev A.Y., Protoshchak V.V., Paronnikov M.V., Kiselev A.O.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):19-25
Diagnosis and treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms and erectile dysfunction in patients with benign prostate hyperplasia
Kalinina S.N., Burlaka O.O., Aleksandrov M.S., Vydryn P.S.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):26-33
Closed manual detorsion in case of a testicular torsion in children
Shormanov I.S., Shchedrov D.N.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):34-39
Radiation diagnostics of arteriovenous erectile dysfunction: history and development
Kyzlasov P.S., Kasymov B.G., Al-Shukri S.K., Iskakov E.A., Nugumanov R.M., Kuzmin I.V., Muratov T.M., Turgumbaev T.N.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):40-46
Сlinical justification of laser therapy efficiency of men’s infertility
Moskvin S.V., Borovets S.J., Toropov V.A.
Urologicheskie vedomosti. 2018;8(1):47-55