Partial nephrectomy in patient with T3aN0M0 clear cell kidney cancer (case report and review of literature)

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Today radical nephrectomy (RN) is a gold standart of treatment localized kindney cancer (stage T1–2). The partial nephrectomy (PN) shows the same oncological outcomes as RN on this stage. However there are few artikles of efficiasy PN in kidney cancer more than 7 cm. The case report and review of literature is presented.

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Salman Khasunovich Al-Shukri

St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I. P. Pavlov

doctor of medical science, professor, head of the department

Evgeniy Stanislavovich Nevirovich

St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I. P. Pavlov

candidate of medical science. Department of Urology.

Georgiy Borisovich Lukichev

St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I. P. Pavlov

MD. Department of Urology

Yuriy Andreevich Sukhanov

St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I. P. Pavlov

MD. Department of Urology. St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I. P. Pavlov


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Copyright (c) 2012 Al-Shukri S.K., Nevirovich E.S., Lukichev G.B., Sukhanov Y.A.

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