Experience of using fluorescence cystoscopy in the diagnosis of superficial bladder cancer

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Experience of using fluorescence cystoscopy in the diagnosis of superficial bladder cancer. The study involved 103 patients of both sexes (mean age 58,7 ± 6,3 years) who underwent photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) of bladder cancer. For this purpose 5 mg of photoditazine were injected into the bladder dissolved in 20 ml of saline. The exposure time of the drug in the bladder was from 60 to 90 minutes. Then sequentially performed cystoscopy in white and blue light. For fluorescence diagnosis the light flux with a wavelength of 402 nm was used, which corresponded to the maximum peak of photoditazine absorption. The use of PDD revealed bladder cancer in all 103 patients, while in 69 (67 %) patients were identified in a total of 125 plots mucosa, fluorescent in blue light and unaltered in white light. Histological examination of these sites of mucosa in 52 (41.6 %) cases the tumor (transitional cell carcinoma) was morphologically confirmed, in 14 (11.2 %) cases of dysplasia was detected, in 15 (12 %) - squamous metaplasia of the urothelium, in 31 (24.8 %) - inflammatory changes in the urothelium, in 13 (10.4 %) - leukoplakia of the bladder. Thus, the diagnostic sensitivity of the standard cystoscopy in white light was 62.3 %, and PDD with intravesical use of the drug photodithazine - 96.7 %.

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About the authors

Margarita Nikolayevna Slesarevskaya

First St. Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: mns-1971@yandex.ru
candidate of medical science, senior research fellow, Urology Department

Arkadiy Viktorovich Sokolov

First St. Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: soloo3@yandex.ru
head of Laser Medicine Department, urologist


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