Evaluation of the patients quality of life with diabetic and idiopathic bladder hyperactivity

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The research of the quality of life of 75 patients with diabetic bladder hyperactivity (BH) and 349 patients with idiopathic BH. For the assessment of quality of life the questionnaire KHQ was used. There has been a significant decline in the life quality of the patients of both groups. At the same time the specificies of influence of two forms of BH on some particular aspects of quality of life were marked. When diabetic BH compare to idiopathic BH revealed more severe limitations in daily activities and reducing of emotional status, but less strong influence on personal relationships.

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About the authors

Igor Valentinovich Kuzmin

First St. Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: kuzminigor@mail.ru
doctor of medical science, professor. Department of Urology

Natalya Olegovna Shabudina

First St. Petersburg State I. P. Pavlov Medical University

Email: nata-cha@mail.ru
Department of Urology


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