Prognosis of prostate cancer using color doppler ultrasonography

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This comprehensive study analyzes the results of an assessment of 121 patients with an indication for prostate biopsy due to suspected prostate cancer. The color Doppler mapping revealed significant differences in rates of blood circulation in the prostate tumor compared with normal areas. The factor analysis obtained discriminant function which predicted the likelihood of having prostate adenocarcinoma in different zones of multifocal prostate injection punctures. Using collective evaluation of clinical and laboratory factors in determination of individual informative significance related to prostate cancer risk we created mathematical models to optimize multifocal prostate biopsy.

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About the authors

Salman H Al-Shukri

First State Pavlov Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Doctor of medical science, Professor, Head of the Urology Department

Anton M Kurnakov

First State Pavlov Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Postgraduate, Urology Department

Sergey Yu Borovets

First State Pavlov Medical University of Saint Petersburg

Doctor of medical science, Senior researcher, Urology Department


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Copyright (c) 2016 Al-Shukri S.H., Kurnakov A.M., Borovets S.Y.

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