Zinner’s syndrome. Clinical case

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Zinner’s syndrome refers to rare malformations and is characterized by a triad of signs - unilateral renal agenesis, obstruction of the vas deferens, and cystic transformation of the seminal vesicle. A description of a clinical case of Zinner’s syndrome with an atypical clinical picture is presented. This observation indicates the need for an in-depth examination of the genital organs in men with renal agenesis.

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About the authors

Sergey P. Bokovoi

Northern State Medical University

Email: sepalbok@mail.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3800-4130

MD, Cand. Sci. (Med.), assistant professor of the Department of Surgery, Course of Urology

Russian Federation, Arkhangelsk

Yurii A. Zverev

Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Email: zverevya@aokb.ru

head of the Urological Division

Russian Federation, 292 Lomonosova av., Arhangelsk 163045

Olga V. Perfileva

Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Email: sepalbok@mail.ru


Russian Federation, 292 Lomonosova av., Arhangelsk 163045

Maria N. Bobyleva

Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Author for correspondence.
Email: bobylevamn@aokb.ru


Russian Federation, 292 Lomonosova av., Arhangelsk 163045


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Supplementary files

Supplementary Files
1. Fig. 1. Removed epididymis of the left testicle

Download (209KB)
2. Fig. 2. Extended left seminal vesicle in cross section. Seminal vesicle (arrow)

Download (87KB)
3. Fig. 3. Magnetic resonance imaging, frontal section. 1 — Seminal vesicle, 2 — prostate

Download (179KB)
4. Fig. 4. Magnetic resonance imaging, sagittal section. Seminal vesicle (arrow)

Download (203KB)
5. Fig. 5. Seminal vesicle with ureter (1). Abdominal part of the vas deferens (2)

Download (126KB)
6. Fig. 6. Cystically altered seminal vesicle and ureter on the cut. 1 — Seminal vesicle, 2 — ureter

Download (155KB)

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