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Vol 5, No 2 (2015)


The results of a 10-year efficacy study of proteolytic enzymes in patients with chronic prostatitis

Tkachuk V.N., Al-Shukri A.S., Tkachuk I.N., Sternin Y.I.


The immediate and long-term results of treatment were studied in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis using the combination of antibiotics with systemic enzyme preparation Wobenzym. It was proved that the use of Wobenzym allows to achieve the elimination of the causative agent of the disease in 96.2 % of patients at the end of treatment due to the higher concentration of antibiotic in the inflammation and to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of pain and urinary disorders. It was revealed that Wobenzym restores blood flow in the prostate gland, improves its function and contributes to recurrence-free course of the disease after completion of treatment in the majority of patients.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):5-9
pages 5-9 views

Our experience of laparoscopic pyeloplasty by left transmesenteric approach

Al-Shukri A.S., Nevirovich E.S., Ignashov Y.A.


During 2011 to 2014 we have operated 34 patients by transmesenteric laparoscopic approach. The laparoscopic transmesenteric approach represents an interesting and advantageous technical improvement of minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of left ureteropelvic junction obstruction.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):10-12
pages 10-12 views

For diagnostics and treatment of overactive bladder in male

Sosnovskiy S.O., Kheyfets V.K., Kagan O.F.


The issues of the diagnostics and treatment of overactive bladder in male population were covered. Conservative treatment of urinary incontinence includes lifestyle changes, behavioral and anticholinergic medication. The combination of solifenacin in a dose of 5 mg/day with α1- adrenergic blocking agent terazosin in a dose of 2 mg/day significantly improves the results of treatment and is well tolerated.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):13-19
pages 13-19 views

Surgical management for the children testis torsion

Shchedrov D.N.


It was performed the analysis of the treatment results of 140 patients with a testicular inversion. The aim of the publication was to improve the treatment results and to develop optimal surgical tactic with questionable viability of the testis. Analysis of relations has been carried out between degree of testicular atrophy and objective Doppler parameters (Ri, ISD) and their correlation with clinical reference points in a curative tactic - a duration of disease and a degree of inversion. It has been shown that the decrease of Ri below 0.5 and ISD below 1.5 clinically correlate with a disease for 24 hours and degree of inversion 270-360°. Thus the combination of a degree of inversion of 360° and disease for 24 hours actually leaves no chances to save the testicle, resulting either to urgent orchiectomy or to total atrophy, requiring removal of the gonads.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):20-24
pages 20-24 views

Urodynamics recovery in pregnant patients with complicated forms of pyelonephritis

Hodzhamurodov A.M., Solikhov D.N., Kosimov M.M., Umarova Z.I.


Urinary tract infections are serious threats to the health of mother and child. The most common of these is the pyelonephritis of pregnancy. This work contains results of examination and treatment of 110 pregnant women who had pyelonephritis with complicated hydronephrosis. Analysis of the results proved effectiveness in usage of internal stenting of kidney after preliminary washing of kidney cavity with isotonic dekasan combined with conservative therapy. Using this method allows rapid relief of symptoms, reduction in bed days.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):25-27
pages 25-27 views

PDE5 inhibitors in treatment of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular safety

Korneyev I.A.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease marker for cardiovascular disease. Men with ED should be properly assessed and investigated before starting treatment. The PDE5 inhibitors, including sildenafil, proved to be safe and effective treatment for this disorder.
Urology reports (St. - Petersburg). 2015;5(2):28-30
pages 28-30 views

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