On one technique of the analysis of oscillation processes for the geophysical problems

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A technique is proposed for evolution equation that estimates the impact of different terms in phase change for oscillations with different frequencies. The impact is normalized in such way that sum of impacts for all terms equals 1. Proposed technique is applied for study of quasibiannual oscillation of zonal wind in equatorial stratosphere produced in 500 year preindustrial run with climate model of Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS. The impact of nonorographic and orographic gravity wave drag and advection by zonal mean vertical wind to the phase change of model quasibiannual oscillation. It is shown that nonorographic wave drag is main mechanism responsible for phase change (the impact equals 1.58), vertical advection slows down phase change (impact is –0.74), and the impacts of other terms are small.

About the authors

E. M. Volodin

Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS

Author for correspondence.
Email: volodinev@gmail.com

Russian Federation, 8, Gubkina ul., Moscow, 119333


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