Features of the nursing process in the treatment of patients with extensive wounds by free skin plastic technique

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Within the framework of the currently implemented competency-based approach in higher nursing education, important questions of the priority areas of upbringing, mercy, patient orientation and dedication appear more and more often. The problem of finding ways to create an effective educational environment that will contribute to the professional self-determination of students with higher nursing education, affecting conscious and responsible learning, personal growth and increasing the competitiveness of university graduates is becoming more urgent. This article analyzes the results of a two-stage study of students of a medical institute in the direction of «Nursing» on professional self-determination and a conscious choice of a future profession, taking into account internal motivation and personal characteristics. The results of the study show that the vast majority of students chose a professional activity in which they would not only like, but could work.

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About the authors

Y. E. Shadrina

Medical Institute of Russian People’s Friendship University

Email: shadrina-yue@rudn.ru

E. V. Binenko

Medical Institute of Russian People’s Friendship University

Email: binenko-ev@rudn.ru

T. G. Snegireva

Medical Institute of Russian People’s Friendship University

Email: snegireva-tg@rudn.ru


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