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The journal "Medical Nurse" has been published since 1942. In 1993 it was merged with the journal "Feldsher and Midwife" and was published under the title "Medical Care" (ISSN 0869-7760). Since 1999 the journal "Medical Nurse" is again an independent publication.

Journal "Medical Nurse" provides unique information about domestic and foreign experience in nursing, introduces the most modern technologies and innovations of nursing practice. In the journal you can read about the research in the field of nursing organization and practice, learn about modern methods and techniques of professional nursing training at all levels. The journal regularly publishes algorithms of practice procedures, the exclusive right to translate and publish them was received from the British journal NURSING TIMES.

In 2020, Nurse magazine supported the global campaign initiated by WHO "A Nurse Year". We are partners of the WHO campaign in Russia.


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Vol 25, No 5 (2023)

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Topical theme

Current difficulties in the organization of infant feeding and opportunities to overcome them
Grigoriev K.I., Vykhristyuk O.F., Bogomaz L.V.

Most women are motivated to breastfeed, many for more than 1 year, while not all women received information about breastfeeding techniques, possible difficulties and methods of overcoming them from health workers. The vast majority of lactating women face difficulties in breastfeeding (difficulties in the technique of attachment to the breast, cracks, lactostasis, mastitis). The most vulnerable group of children in terms of maintaining breastfeeding is premature babies, for whom the issues of maintaining breastfeeding are especially acute.

Conclusion-suggestion: it is necessary to train the staff of medical organizations on practical issues of breastfeeding support in order to overcome difficulties for nursing mothers and maintain long-term breastfeeding as a guarantee of the health of the younger generation.

Natural feeding has significant advantages over artificial. It is not for nothing that breast milk is called “living tissue / matter”, as it is able to change the composition and adapt to the current needs of the child, depending on the time of day, lactation period and even the sex of the baby. With major changes in infant formula ranges, the withdrawal of a number of leading baby food concerns due to sanctions, and promising attempts at import substitution, healthcare professionals need sources of up-to-date information.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):3-10
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Prevention issues

Anti-tuberculosis measures in children and adolescents by age period
Eremenko E.P., Amosova E.A.

At present the epidemiological situation with tuberculosis is improving and the incidence of tuberculosis in children is decreasing. Nurses are actively involved in all activities of prevention and medical care for tuberculosis in pediatric practice. Highly organized TB interventions are largely associated with the work of a nurse from birth until the age of 18, accompanying the child from the maternity home until the adolescent enters the general health care system. The organization of tuberculosis interventions differs by age periods. The article presents anti-tuberculosis measures with the accent on the work of a nurse, as a physician assistant, both in prevention and early detection of tuberculosis.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):11-15
pages 11-15 views
Prevention of exam stress in students
Potupchik T.V.

A review of information about exam stress was conducted. The most pronounced manifestations of exam stress are hemodynamic disorders and psychosomatic disorders. Various preventive measures are highlighted, including compliance with general recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, autogenic training and psychological support for students. Methods of drug prevention of exam stress with the use of magnesium preparations and sedative phytopreparations, such as Nervo-vit, are proposed.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):16-19
pages 16-19 views
What you need to know about children repellants
Kutsenko V.P., Yasynova A.Y., Seliverstov P.V., Ledentsova S.S.

Blood-sucking insects are not only carriers of diseases, but can often increase the severity of the disease. Approximately 700,000 people die every year from complications associated with etiological pathogens carried by blood-sucking insects. In addition to the epidemiological danger, mosquitoes create discomfort and can disrupt human activities outdoors and indoors. Personal protective measures consist of using an integrated approach that includes physical and chemical barriers. There are not so many cardinal differences in the methods and means of controlling mosquitoes in adult and children›s preparations. But a number of nuances must be taken into account when choosing them. The safety factor is fundamental. The active ingredients DEET and IR3535 are most commonly used in repellent formulations for children. In addition, to protect babies from mosquitoes, products based on essential oils of plants are used. Repellents are available separately for children and adults. Products for children have a more natural composition and contain a lower concentration of active ingredients than repellents for adults. To protect children, it is preferable to use products with IR3535.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):20-25
pages 20-25 views

Note to the nurse

Consequences of pregnancy and childbirth among women of different age groups
Pavlova M.A., Ostrovskaya I.V.

The article describes the results of a study of the prevalence of various negative effects of pregnancy and childbirth among women of different ages, conducted on the basis of thematic groups on the Internet. A questionnaire survey was used as a research method. Respondents answered questions about their body weight before pregnancy and after delivery, the body weight they gained during pregnancy, the presence of diseases that appeared during pregnancy and persisted after it. The results of the study showed that the negative effects of pregnancy and childbirth are quite common among women of different age groups. According to the respondents, pregnancy had mainly negative effects on their health. The most common negative consequences of pregnancy and childbirth among the respondents were: deterioration/ loss of hair, hemorrhoids, memory impairment, and weight gain.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):26-29
pages 26-29 views

Profession: theory and practice

What you need to know about children repellants
Nechaev V.N., Chernenkov Y.V., Eiberman A.S., Vologina A.P.

In women up to 37 weeks of gestation, premature rupture of the membranes (PROM) complicates up to 3% of pregnancies, causing every second case of early termination of pregnancy. In 48% of cases, PROM in the early stages is associated with an infectious factor and congenital pathology. The present study analyzed the occurrence of PROM depending on the gestational age, as well as comparing cases of prolonged and preterm pregnancy with premature rupture of amniotic fluid, as well as intrauterine pneumonia and sepsis in preterm infants. newborns from mothers with prolongation of pregnancy and without it. Most often, for the prevention of purulent-septic complications, women with PROM give birth within the next 6–12 hours after the outflow of water, but this decision is not always correct, because the outcome of PROM depends on many factors, and the birth of a fetus in the early stages often leads to pathological consequences, the development of respiratory failure (syndrome of respiratory disorders, pneumonia), neurological symptoms (intraventricular hemorrhage, cerebral ischemia), as well as hemodynamic disorders (hypotension, rhythm and conduction disorders).

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):30-32
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Clinical observation of a newborn infant with congenital epidermolysis bullosa. The role of the nurse
Chernenkov Y.V., Panina O.S., Plochoskay L.S.

Currently, there is a great need to expand knowledge regarding epidermolysis bullosa in newborns. This is due to the difficulty in differential diagnosis. Awareness of this disease will help to avoid errors in diagnosis and allow to prescribe the correct treatment to the patient. The aim of the work was to present a clinical case of congenital epidermolysis bullosa in a newborn baby born in 2022 in the Saratov region. The analysis of medical records, the course of the neonatal period of the patient diagnosed with congenital bullous epidermolysis was performed.

Results. Characteristic features of clinic and diagnostics of the disease were singled out and described in this work on the example of the concrete clinical situation. Comparison of infectious and noninfectious skin diseases makes the main contents of the work. Particular attention has been paid to differential diagnostics because of its difficulty.

Conclusion. Bullous exanthema is found in many inflammatory skin diseases; therefore, it is necessary to differentiate congenital bullous epidermolysis from neonatal vesicular disease and pigment incontinence syndrome.

Awareness of the disease will allow to avoid mistakes in prescribing treatment to the patient, since the tactics of skin treatment for VTE and infectious skin diseases are different (use of alcohol-based aniline dyes is contraindicated).

To improve the skin barrier and well-being of butterfly babies, proper care is necessary from birth. Protecting fragile skin from damage, treating and dressing wounds is probably the only thing that can help such children today. For external treatment, special dressings and ointments are used, in order to reduce pain and prevent infection.

Today, more and more butterfly children have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance, necessary medications and dressings, thanks to the activities of the charity foundation «B.E.L.A. Butterfly Children».

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):33-36
pages 33-36 views
Condition of newborns from mothers with severe preeclampsia
Nechaev V.N., Chernenkov Y.V., Eiberman A.S., Husainova P.A.

The aim of the work was a comparative assessment of the condition of newborns from mothers with preeclampsia, as well as the identification of risk factors, the determination of adaptive capabilities and the effectiveness of therapeutic measures. The history of the development of newborns from mothers with preeclampsia and eclampsia is analyzed. All children have been treated at the Clinical Perinatal Center of the Saratov Region for the past two years. The presented data indicate a significant increase in the number of preeclampsia in pregnant women and their negative impact on the normal psychophysical development and adaptive capabilities of newborns. The frequency of diagnosis of respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, developmental abnormalities in newborns in the aggregate indicates the need for a detailed approach to the study of the effect of preeclampsia in a mother on the health of her child. The main attention should be paid to preventive measures for the development of preeclampsia in pregnant women, diagnosis and treatment significantly reduce the incidence of newborns and increase their adaptive capabilities.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):37-39
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Interdisciplinary issues

The problem of gastritis in children
Skvortsov V.V., Baymankulov S.S.

The article shows the main types and causes of one of the most common diseases of the digestive organs, which accounts for up to 80% of stomach diseases — gastritis. In recent years, cases of diagnosis of gastritis in children have become more frequent, the role of the bacterial factor in the development of inflammation has increased — up to 90% of cases are associated with helicobacter infection. There is a tendency to a predominantly chronic course of the process, the prevalence of acute variants of the disease does not exceed 20%. The main symptoms of gastritis are indicated, showing that there are no specific symptoms for this disease. The methods of treatment of gastritis are considered and recommendations for its prevention of the disease are given.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):40-44
pages 40-44 views
Treatment of Dental Diseases in Children: A Guide for Nurses in Pediatric and Family Dentistry
Brudyan G.S., Mikhailov V.D.

The article is an overview of modern approaches to the treatment of dental diseases in children, with an emphasis on surgical treatment. The main focus is on the role of the nurse in the treatment process, including patient and family support, as well as interaction with the dentist.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):45-51
pages 45-51 views


Impact of digital technologies on pediatric practice: realizing potential and overcoming obstacles
Seliverstov P.V., Brudyan G.S., Kutsenko V.P.

Digital pediatrics is an innovative field in medicine that actively uses digital technologies for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases in children. This approach promises to significantly improve the quality and accessibility of pediatric care, allowing healthcare professionals to respond more accurately and efficiently to children’s health. In Russia, this direction is still in its early stages of development, however, there are already individual projects and research that demonstrate its potential. Despite obstacles such as technical limitations and privacy concerns, digital pediatrics represents an important direction for the future of healthcare, and active efforts are being made to realize its capabilities and overcome obstacles.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2023;25(5):52-56
pages 52-56 views

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