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Osteoporosis is a disorder of metabolic processes in the bone tissue, associated with a high risk of fractures. Usually the disease is diagnosed by the level of bone mineral density. And all existing groups of drugs for osteoporosis are aimed at the certain goal: to make the bone more dense. Numerous studies have proven the failure of this approach, since it does not reduce the risk of fractures. Professor V.I. Strukov, who has devoted more than 60 years to the study of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, has found abdominal masses in the bones, in the locations of which fractures occur in most cases. The scientist first proposed to determine osteoporosis by the presence of such cavities in the trabecular parts of the bones, and their closure as a criterion for the effectiveness of treatment of the disease. The professor has developed the drug «Osteomed Forte», successfully coping with the task. To date, the drug has no analogues in efficiency and safety in the world. The drug is currently undergoing a series of tests to obtain drug status

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About the authors

E. V. Petrova

FSBEI HE Penza State University

E. S. Panina

FSBEI HE Penza State University

O. P. Rodina


P. A. Poluboyarinov

A branch of RMAIPE Russian Health Ministry

L. G. Radchenko

Medical Institute of FSBEI HE Penza State University


R. T. Galeeva

Medical Institute of FSBEI HE Penza State University

L. A. Musatova

Medical Institute of FSBEI HE Penza State University


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