New prospects of improving the cleaning in a multidisciplinary hospital

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One of the main goals of a modern medical clinic is to ensure sanitary and epidemiological safety. The most important component of the infection control system is the managementof professional cleaning and disinfection. The microbiological landscape of the nosocomial environment is more than 300 viruses, bacteria (mainly non-pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic), fungi, and protozoa. More than 70% of all infections associated with the provision of medical care (AIPS) are caused by gram-negative bacteria. Mandatory disinfection measures in medical organizations along with medical, organizational, sanitary-technical and other measures can prevent the occurrence and spread of AIPS. Not the last role in the fulfillment of this task is assigned to our many, hardworking part of healthcare - nurses and nurses. For many years, the prestige of the work of a nurse and her social status have been declining, but at the present time, active, purposeful work is underway in Russia to revive the nursing profession, its importance.

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About the authors

N. A. Yumtsunova

Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center


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