The case of organizing nursing services in the hospital using the example of Bundan Hospital (South Korea)

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Nursing around the world is now developing to a new level. A nurse, both in the system of medical care and in the structure of a specific health care facility, is no longer an auxiliary worker, not just a maker of doctor’s appointments. Increasingly, we are talking about the nurse as an independent and self-sufficient business unit, as an important block in the system of providing medical care to patients. This is a requirement of the time: technologies are developing, new tools and methods are appearing, the functionality of the nursing staff is expanding, and the requirements for its work are increasing. And this is happening all over the world. But, of course, the pace of innovation in different countries is not the same. South Korea has traditionally been considered one of the leaders in this regard. In the end of 2019, a group of specialists from Russia paid a visit to the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital/ International Healthcare Center/ Based on what they saw, the author gives an overview the management of nursing services in a South Korean hospital.

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About the authors

E. V. Korotina

ССН №1 Moscow City Healthcare Department


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