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Vol 21, No 4 (2019)


Obesity in children and adolescents

Grigoryev K.I., Solovyeva A.L., Nemtyreva L.F.


The likelihood to develop obesity is high at an early age and, when the rules of healthy lifestyle are not followed, persists during all life periods. The paper presents information on children with overweight and obesity.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):3-9
pages 3-9 views

Modern coagulometry in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction

Khalilova U.A., Skvortsov V.V.


The paper deals with the issues of classification, causes, clinical symptoms, and new approaches to diagnosing and treating myocardial infarction.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):9-13
pages 9-13 views

Determination of functional status in children with cerebral palsy

Dulnev V.V., Slyusar T.A.


The functional status of children with cerebral palsy was studied using modern methodology
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):14-17
pages 14-17 views


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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):18-18
pages 18-18 views


Tumarenko A.V., Skvortsov V.V., Lugovkina A.A.


A peak flow meter is a portable device designed to measure the peak expiratory flow rate, i.e. the maximum air flow rate during forced expiration. The issues of using a peak flowmeter by a nurse are given.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):19-21
pages 19-21 views

Reasons for a decline in working capacity and propensity to professional burnout in senior nurses

Erkhova M.V.


The paper presents the results of studying the reasons for a decline in working capacity and the features of professional burnout in senior nurses. Preventive measures against burnout are offered to health workers.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):22-25
pages 22-25 views


- -.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Prevention of breast diseases

Petrova E.V., Leonovich A.V., Rybakova I.V., Kutina T.S., Gumenyuk O.I.


The paper summarizes the data available in the literature on risk factors for mastopathy and breast cancer and gives the principles of breast self-examination, rational selection of a bra, anti-cancer diet, and iodine prophylaxis.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Experience in using washed erythrocytes

Makovsky A.A., Barkhatova L.I., Tkacheva N.V., Potolyanova E.V., Sannikova N.V.


The paper presents the experience in introducing the process of preparing washed red blood cells at the blood transfusion department. It describes a method for obtaining erythrocytes and indications for their use and gives data on the control of quality and indicators of the component derived.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):30-33
pages 30-33 views

Clinical training of nursing specialists: organizational and pedagogical aspects

Grekov I.G.


The paper presents the author’s views on the main provisions of the practical training of a nurse in an inpatient setting. Recommendations are given for the methods of teaching nursing specialists in the treatment process per se.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):34-35
pages 34-35 views

Prevention of nosocomial infections on the background of the global problem of antibiotic resistance. Educational aspect

Ostapova T.S., Fokina N.A., Shirokova N.V.


Presents information about the global problem of antibiotic resistance and the participation of nurses in the prevention of infections associated with the provision of medical care.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):36-41
pages 36-41 views

Comparative analysis of the training of mid-level medical staff for the Army in Russia and some Western European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries

Karpenko I.V.


The paper provides a comparative analysis of the training of feldshers for the Army in Russia and some Western European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Nursing care in different countries: the history of formation and development

Matveichik T.V., Piecievic-Сensna G.E.


The paper provides information on nursing care for patients in the end-stages of the disease, on charity communities, nursing, and nursing education in different countries.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):45-50
pages 45-50 views

On the occasion of the 155th anniversary of zemstvos in Russia

Kaspruk L.I.


The paper presents material on zemstvo medicine in Russia, which is an advanced form of organization of medicine.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):51-52
pages 51-52 views

Setting up the USSR military medical service during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 in the aspect of training mid-level medical staff

Kaspruk L.I., Zhdanov R.R.


The authors analyze the strategy for solving the important problem of mid-level medical personnel supply during the years of the Great Patriotic War, as well as this in case of the Orenburg Region.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2019;21(4):53-56
pages 53-56 views

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