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Vol 22, No 1 (2020)


God meditsinskoy sestry

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):3-4
pages 3-4 views

The 21th century problem. Medicines and children

Grigoryev K.I., Bykhristyuk O.F.


The paper gives information on the development and use of effective and safe medicines that are directly applicable to children and take into account their age characteristics
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):5-13
pages 5-13 views
pages 14-14 views

A nurse’s role in organizing care for children with central nervous system diseases

Marochkina D.A., Konstantinova N.V.


Infant cerebral palsies are a group of syndromes that are a sequel of brain injuries that occur in utero and in the intrapartum and early postnatal periods. The paper gives information on provision of psychological support to the child, which helps him/her to live as normal a life as possible.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):15-18
pages 15-18 views

Holder monitoring in pregnant women with cardiac arrhythmia

Mazunova D.A., Skvortsov V.V., Zatonsky I.E., Chaldyshev M.V., Shevkun E.I., Skvortsova E.M.


The paper gives information on 24-hour heart Holter monitoring that is a long-term ECG recording using portable devices for long periods of time during an examined patient’s usual lifestyle.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):19-22
pages 19-22 views

Emergency care for air embolism

Volkov V.E., Volkov S.V., Chesnokov N.N.


The paper presents the clinical features of the course of air embolism and its causes. The practical significance of its early diagnosis and complications is noted. Recommendations for emergency care and prevention are given.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):23-25
pages 23-25 views


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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):26-27
pages 26-27 views

The role of mid-level medical personnel in the work with terminally ill patients

Kolbasnikov S.V., Kononova A.G., Belova N.O., Nilova O.V., Avakova V.E.


The paper deals with the psychological aspects of the work of nurses with terminally ill patients, as well as the basic principles of psychosocial and spiritual support for patients and the members of their families.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):28-31
pages 28-31 views

Current aspects of work in the focus of tuberculosis infection

Kuznetsova A.N., Amosova E.A., Borodulin B.E., Kalinkin A.V., Kozlova O.S.


The paper presents information o tuberculosis, a social and medical problem tasked to reduce the risk of contamination to healthy people, to limit the spread of tuberculosis infection, and to prevent the latter.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):32-36
pages 32-36 views

Communication in a nurse’s professional activities

Nikolaeva I.A., Kulabukhov A.S., Shulgina L.N.


The success of nursing activities largely depends on nurses’ ability to build an effective communication system in a unit. Information is given on the communicative qualities of head nurses in therapeutic and prophylactic establishments.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):37-38
pages 37-38 views

«Сhildren‘s health Schools will» start in March

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):39-39
pages 39-39 views

Nonoperative approach to treating calcium-dependent keratopathies

Komarov O.S., Belikova T.V., Slesareva E.A., Komarova M.O., Mustafin A.G.


The paper gives information on corneal injuries that accounts for 20% of total eye pathology. These diseases include some types of keratopathy, burns of the eye with lime and those of the cornea with carbide - not the only and, apparently, not the main damaging mechanism.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):40-43
pages 40-43 views

Nursing care of patients with hepatitis

Sulima D.L., Morosova M.C.


There is information about hepatitis, a liver inflammation. The latter can be induced by various factors, such as drugs, alcohol, chemicals, autoimmune diseases, and viruses (for example, cytomegalovirus is the virus that causes mononucleosis). However, most viruses do not attack primarily the liver; the latter is only one of the organs affected by viruses. When it comes to viral hepatitis, that is to say that hepatitis is caused by several specific viruses that primarily attack the liver and are responsible for about half of all cases of hepatitis in humans.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):44-47
pages 44-47 views

Security problem in anesthesiology

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):48-48
pages 48-48 views

Nurs in Israel

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):49-49
pages 49-49 views

The great russian surgeon N.I. Pirogov in the history of medicine and nursing

Kaspruk L.I.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):50-51
pages 50-51 views

Nursing now

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):52-52
pages 52-52 views

Professor A.V. Golenkov is 60 years old

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):53-53
pages 53-53 views

The transformation of the work process of the nursing staff in Russia

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):54-55
pages 54-55 views

XXIX National Congress on diseases of the respiratory system

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2020;22(1):56-56
pages 56-56 views

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