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Vol 23, No 7 (2021)


The development trend of higher nursing education in Russian Federation

Sakibayeva S., Ostrovskaya I.V.


The article is devoted to the results of a study of the development problems in the Russian Federation of higher nursing education. The opinions of 4th year students, graduates of 2020 and teachers in the direction of training “Nursing” of the Medical Institute the RUDN University, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University about the prospects for the development of higher nursing education in the Russian Federation were studied. The results may contribute to the optimization of the educational process in the direction of training «Nursing».
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):3-9
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The nurse's role in the new healthcare model

Saifetdinova V.V.


4P-Medicine is a convergence of systems medicine, big data, healthcare and social media focused on patients (consumers). Please note that the whole concept was built on the basis of the joint work of medical workers of all levels and the patient in order to preserve his health. The main idea of the concept of 4P-medicine is to provide all the available possibilities of fundamental science to a specific patient. Precision - sighting accurate, focusing on minimal medical interventions in the patient’s body with the maximum use of the body’s own recovery capabilities! It is in this kind of medicine that patients want to believe today. And it is precisely for such medicine that the medical community and the state are tuned in. Therefore, it is necessary to voice the request for the training of the nurse of the future, endowed with new knowledge and new powers.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):10-14
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Pharmaceutical technical schools' graduates' employment: trends and prospects

Gritsanenko D.S., Ilyinova Y.G., Lisitsky D.S., Kochanova I.A., Rudenko E.L.


Graduates of educational organizations of professional education have the greatest potential to cover the staffing needs of employers in the pharmaceutical market. According to the statistical report of the publicly available system for online monitoring of the Russian labor market - the HeadHunter Index in St. Petersburg for 2020, the largest number of resumes (16%) are placed by students and job seekers without work experience, that is, starting their careers. This suggests that practitioners of related specialties (medicine, chemistry, engineering) underestimated the possibilities of professional development in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies by obtaining a second professional education - pharmaceutical education (on an accelerated individual trajectory). The article presents current models of personnel training for the in dustry, describes the practical experience of St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University in this direction.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):15-17
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Educational courses for healthcare professionals in research writing

Papicheva M.A.


For physicians interested in scientific work, there are various courses and educational projects on writing scientific articles and conducting research activities. One of such projects was initiated by the State Budgetary Institution “NIIOZMM” of the Moscow City Health Department. The Moscow Polyclinic Scientific Laboratory project is aimed at developing the research competencies of primary health care professionals in order to increase the number of scientific publications and specialized conferences. This article demonstrates the experience of conducting a lecture on the most relevant topic for researchers: “The main and mandatory sections of a scientific publication and the rules for their writing.”
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):18-21
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Preventive recommendations for students' weight gain during distance learning

Orlova V.M., Larionova M.O., Peregontseva M.A.


The article analyzes one of the problems that arose in a third of the students of the medical institute of RUDN during the distance learning period, namely, weight gain. To study this problem, the role of inactivity as a cause of weight gain among students was considered. The main measures to pre-vent weight gain are also given. After studying the theory about this problem, a questionnaire was compiled for students of the medical institute of RUDN on the Google Forms. The survey showed that 36% of the respondents had increased weight, and the rest of the respondents had a risk of weight gain. After analyzing the results of the online survey, the main factors of weight gain among students of the medical institute of RUDN were identified, and then recommendations for the pre-ven-tion of weight gain were compiled on the basis of these factors.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):22-26
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Standardizing requirements for medical devices care for preventing catheter-associated infections of urinary tract in a healthcare organization

Kniazuk N.F., Dolinskaya Y.V., Kruglyak V.A.


The article emphasizes the importance of patient adherence to epidemiological safety issues in the process of providing healthcare. It presents multidisciplinary hospital practical experience in the prevention of catheter-associated infections by developing and applying information materials for patients on the treatment of a urinary catheter.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):27-29
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Headache syndrome in children and adolescents

Grigoriev K.I., Grigoriev A.I., Vykhristyuk O.F.


The journal «The Nurse» № 6 for 2021 contains an article by prof. V.V. Skvortsov et al. «Migraine in the practice of a nurse» (p.51). It’s about headaches and helping adults. The editorial board had a desire to supplement this publication. To expand the possibilities of assistance provided by nurses to patients with headaches in childhood. Children and adolescents of all ethnic and socioeconomic groups suffer from headaches. All medical workers, regardless of their place of work, face the need to provide emergency care for children and adolescents with headaches. If there is an established diagnosis, drug therapy is carried out - an obligatory weapon in the fight against this ailment in «good hands». The article discusses the issues of non-drug support for children and adolescents with headaches. Attention is paid to the safety of the use of drugs in children, diets, the principles of «behavioral therapy», etc.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):30-40
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Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Skvortsov V.V., Gorbach A.N., Belyakova E.V., Skvortsova E.M., Matveyev N.D.


This article provides basic information on the prevalence, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The main approaches to the treatment of this disease are outlined. The use of the drug Pirfect® (pirfenidone) as the main means of antifibrotic therapy for IPF is considered.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):42-45
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Ne tol'ko bol' v poyasnitse: kak uznat', chto pochki ne v poryadke?

- -.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):45-45
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Cardiomyopathies in the nurse's practice

Skvortsov V.V., Ponomareva A.R.


This article deals with problems of etiology, pathogeny, classification, clinical symptomatology, approaches to detection and treatment of сardiomyopathies.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):46-50
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Medical support in prisons at the current stage of development of penitentiary medicine

Matveichyk T.V., Petrov V.I.


Humanity of the society is shown regarding the most dependent and vulnerable groups, including and vulnerable groups, including children, women and persons with restriction of personal freedom. Observing the principles of biomedical ethics in correctional facilities (CF) is actual for modern society. This is realized through the prevention of violence in prisons, which is one of the CF medical personnel. Based on the international documents and other regulations, criteria for assessing the quality of health care for special CF contingent in the Republic of Belarus have been proposed. The role of the diseases caused by compulsion (iatrogeny, egrotogeny) and their prevention among the special contingent has stressed.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):51-56
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Pochemu nemeyut pal'tsy: vozmozhnye prichiny i kak ikh obnaruzhit'

- -.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2021;23(7):56-56
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