"Russian Military Medical Journal" is the oldest Russian periodical devoted to medical issues, it has been published since January 1823.
The initiative to found the "Russian Military Medical Journal" belongs to a prominent figure in military medicine of the first half of the 19th century. , Chief Military Medical Inspector of the Russian Army, President of the Medical-Surgical Academy Yakov Vasilyevich Willie (1768-1854).

For many years, the Russian Military Medical Journal was the only representative of the periodical scientific medical literature in Russia. Over the years, it has become an invaluable treasury of Russian medicine, which has absorbed the great experience of many generations of doctors. Until 1917, the magazine was run, as a rule, by well-known military doctors, professors, prominent organizers of the military medical service: Ya.V. Willie, P.A. Charukovsky, S.F. Hotovitsky, P.A. Naranovich, E.V. Pelikan, Ya.A. Chistovich, N.I. Kozlov, S.P. Lovtsov, N.P. Ivanov and A.I. Belyaev, A.S. Tauber, I.F. Rapchevsky.
In the twentieth century. Until 1947 M.I. Baranov, E.I. Smirnov, N.I. Zavalishin. Subsequently, the "Russian Military Medical Journal" was headed by staff editors: in 1949-1955. - VV Skvortsov, in 1955-1960. - D.I. Troitsky, 1960-1968 - I.E. Karpov, in 1968-1978. - A.V. Voropay, in 1978-1992. - V.V. Belozerov, in 1992-2007. - L.L. Galin. From May 2007 to the present time, the journal is headed by M.V. Poddubny.
Since 1992, the journal has been an organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Periodicity - 12 issues per year, volume - 6 printed sheets.

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