The historical experience of therapeutic service in the Army and Navy during the Great Patriotic War.

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The author presents the experience of therapeutic services of the army and navy during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and its importance for the present. This experience became a general methodological framework for the development of principles for the organization of work of military physicians in a modern warfare and the application of new weapons. The history of development, aims and objectives of the new section of Military Medicine - the Military Field Therapy as a unified system of organization and delivery of health care to servicemen based on the principles of a unified military field medical doctrine. A problem of organization of new health facilities (hospitals, hospital databases), their acquisition of trained personnel, especially the structure of internal medicine in the war years, the treatment and the early rehabilitation of wounded and sick, between the military and civilian medical institutions is highlighted. There is an information that 90,6%, or more than 6,5 million soldiers and officers who were treated in hospitals with various diseases, were returned to duty. The experience of the medical service in World War II and the actual demand and is now planning for a package of measures aimed at further improvement of the health status of military personnel.

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Yu. V Ovchinnikov



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