Endoscopic diagnosis of local chemical burn of mucous coat of stomach, induced with the aim of simulation of gastric ulcer

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With the purpose of improvement of diagnosis of induced gastric ulcer were examined 11 patients who took agressive agents for simulation of gastric ulcer and 33 patients who took pseudo-aggressive agents. Observables, conduced diagnosis of local chemical burn of mucous coat of stomach during initial 6 days after taking aggressive agents. Stages of ulcerous process, resulting from local chemical burn of mucous coat of stomach, coressponds to real gactric ulcer. Gelatin capsule using as a container for delivery of agressive agents, melts in stomach in 5—6 minutes after taking. Independent from body position, mucous coat of greater curvature of the stomach is damaged. It is impossible to simulate duodenal bulb ulcer using the gelatine capsule or ball made of breadcrumb. The last method of delivery of agressive agent can damage the small intestine because of uncontrollability of the place of breaking the ball.

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About the authors

N. V Byzov

Email: nvbyzov@mail.ru

V. N Plekhanov

Email: plechanov67@mail.ru


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