Pathogenesis and early diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis in case of polytrauma

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Pathogenesis and early diagnosis characteristics of acute deep vein thrombosis (advt) have been studied in 323 polytrauma patients (iss: 29,4±2,0 score). Acute vein thrombosis, confirmed by us examination, was determined in 22,3% of patients (in the case of severe craniocerebral trauma — scct — 12,6%, extremity trauma — 60,5%, spinal trauma 75%, severe sepsis — 25%). Despite the complex diagnosis and prophylaxis (thrombus removal, thrombosed veins ligation, external iliac vein and inferior vena cava clipping, permanent and removable cava-filters positioning) pulmonary artery thromboembolism (pate) developed in 3,1%. ADVT in patients with polytrauma developed as a pathogenic basis of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (sirs), which was observed to be associated with endothelium damage and thrombophilia. Hence, thrombophilia values (high levels of crp, f.viiia, D-dimer, low levels of antithrombin iii — at-iii), which are characteristic of sirs, lose their informativeness in the early diagnosis of advt and pate risks identification. In this regard, early advt diagnosis in polytrauma should be based on doppler study results, and the adequacy of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy should be determined by the levels of crp, f.viiia, D-dimer, activated partial thromboplastin time — aptt, anti- xa heparin activity, international normalized ratio — inr, platelet aggregation, thrombodynamic potential, at-iii.

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