Main concepts of preventive health care for the air staff of sea-based aviation

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The authors researched the air-stuff and complex of adverse factors uncharacteristic for the air-staff of land-based aircraft. It was determined that adverse factors affect the air-staff foremost in 4—5 months of a blue-water sailing, except cardiovascular system diseases. In a month of a blue-water sailing was registered a hypotonic state. Systolic blood pressure varied from 100—105 mm Hg and lower, dystolic blood pressure varied from 60—65 mm Hg and lower. The lowest ranges of blood pressure were registered in three months after the beginning of the sailing. In the following, the hypotonic state, registered during the monthly medical examinations, remained till the end of the sailing. Normal averages of blood pressure were restored in two weeks after the end of sailing. Low red cell count (for more than 1100 points) was registered in 61,5% of patients, (for more than 550 points) in 38,4% of patients. Low white cell count (for more than 4800 points) was registered in 33,3% of patients, (for more than 3300 points) in 41% of patients, (for more than 1330 points) in 25% of patients. Input data was: red cell count — 4250 points, white cell count — 7300 points in 1 ml of blood. After the sailing haematological indices were restored. The authors suggested guidelines for primary and secondary disease prevention.

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About the authors

S. G Melnik

A. O Chulayevskiy


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