Famous scientist in the area of military-medical geography (To the 100th anniversary of the birth of A.A.Shoshin)

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The article is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of famous domestic scientist in the area of military-medical geography, organization of health care and pedagogy, laureate of USSR state prize, Ph.D.Med, professor colonel of medical service Aleksei Alekseevich Shoshin (1913—1978). In 1953 he published his study guide «Short course in military-medical geography» and determined aims and tasks of course, clued peculiarities of the influence of physiographic conditions on health, sanitary status and medical support of the forces; gave military medical-geographic characteristics of the main landscape zones and methodology of territory research for possible unit sites. In 1962 AN USSR Publisher published his monograph «Principle of medical geography». In 1964 was published his book «Military-medical geography». In January 1966 A.A.Shoshin was elected as Head ofsocial hygiene and public health organization Chair of the Leningrad pediatric medical institute. He chaired till the end of his life.

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