«Images of the past and silhouettes of some military field surgeons»: on the 75th anniversary of the publication of the book of S.S.Yudin

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The article describes the facts related to the publication in 1944 of a publication based on the lecture to students of the medical institute by professor S.S.Yudin at the opening of the department of the hospital and surgical clinic. A vivid, emotional and erudite presentation on the history of military field surgery was to serve the patriotic and moral goals of educating future military doctors who went to the front. S.S.Yudin supplemented his excursion into the history of Russian medicine with his own memories of his participation in the First World War, personal impressions of meeting N.A.Veliaminov and communication with N.N.Burdenko, a story about the invention of a plaster cast, which he improved and B.A.Petrov and was widely used during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

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About the authors

E. I Kalikinskaya

Author’s Academy Medical Publishing House

Email: ek.selena@yandex.ru
113A - 5-96, Volzhsky Boulevard, Moscow, 109462, Russian Federation


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