Medical support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the context of a pandemic of a new coronavirus infection: results of activities and tasks for 2021

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An analysis of the activities of the medical service of the Armed Forces in the context of a pandemic of new coronavirus infection in 2020, the dynamics of the incidence of military personnel and the load of the bed fund of military medical organizations of the Ministry of Defense allocated for patients with COVID-19 is presented. Indicators of work on re - profiling the bed fund, conducting sanitary and anti - epidemic (preventive) measures in the troops, providing assistance to foreign states and civil health care, including using mobile multidisciplinary hospitals, a temporary infectious disease center based on the Military - Patriotic Park of Culture and Rest The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation «Patriot», newly built infectious disease centers based on military hospitals, as well as separate medical and nursing teams. Regime restrictive measures in sanatorium - resort organizations, medical rehabilitation measures for patients who have undergone COVID-19 in severe and moderately severe forms have been analyzed. The indicators of uninterrupted provision of necessary medical equipment, additional professional training (retraining) of medical personnel are disclosed. The features of medical support for mass events in an unstable sanitary and epidemiological situation for a new coronavirus infection have been determined. The results of the research work and the introduction of innovative achievements into military medicine were evaluated. In the planned activities of military medicine, the achieved decrease in primary morbidity was noted, the need for further development of the air sanitary evacuation system, the system of remote telemedicine consultations, the implementation of programs to improve oncological care and the fight against cardiovascular diseases, work on the formation of a regulatory legal framework, and improvement of the material - technical base. The main tasks for 2021 have been formulated, considering the emerging sanitary and epidemiological situation.

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About the authors

D. V Trishkin

The Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Moscow, Russia


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