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Vol 331, No 2 (2010)


Modernization of organization base of technical service and repair of medical technique

Belevitin A.B., Miroshnichenko Y.V., Goryachev A.B., Bunin S.A., Krasavin K.D.


The article presents organizational aspects of technical service and repair of medical technique, used by medical service of the Armed Forces. Was analyzed order of bringing into service of new medical technique, reasons of untimely solving of this task. Was presented a systemic structure of forces and measures on technical service and repair of medical technique, which includes 3 levels: I - Center, II - military region, III - territorial area of responsibility. In details were observed tasks of every level of responsibility.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):4-10
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Perspectives of improvement of outpatient surgical care in the Armed Forces

Kartashov V.T., Popov A.P., Borodin I.A., Zhdanovich V.V.


The article presents experience of work of surgical units of the 52nd consultative-diagnostic center of MD RF in ingrafting stationary-staying technologies. In the hospital there were realized all necessary conditions for effectuating a wide range of operations of heightened for policlinic level complexity (hospital register). There is a day patient facility, firstly created in medical service of the Amed Forces in 1989. In general during 2003-2008 yy. were effectuated 11724 operations. Were proposed to create territorial centers of ambulatory surgery under big military policlinic institutes, were determined there sphere of duties and principes of functioning.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):11-18
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Prophylaxis of streptococcic infection in military collectives

Belov A.B., Ogarkov P.I.


Peculiarities of clinical-epidemiological evidences of streptococcic infection in military collectives determine necessity of improvement of system of epidemiological survey for morbidity by actual streptococcuses and methodology of rational using of complex of sanitarium-prophylaxis (contraepidemic) measures. Microbiological monitoring and immunological screening along with traditional methods of epidemiological diagnostics permit to educe group of risk, epidemic stock of streptococcus and to organize optimal prophylactic measures. Among them the most effective are immunization by 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine in pestholes of acute pneumonia and bicillin-prophylaxis of angine, streptoderma, suppurativy-septic streptococcus and their complications.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):19-22
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High-technological screening for glaucoma

Boiko E.V., Simakova I.L., Kuzmicheva O.V., Mechetin A.A., Tselomudry A.I., Philina E.V.


The purpose of the article is to investigate the effectiveness (sensitivity and specificity) of the screening test of the FDTperimetry in early diagnostic of glaucoma in mass prophylactic examinations of population and in patients with glaucoma at the ophthalmic sections of some military hospitals. Data were obtained from 700 eyes of 350 persons older than 40 years including 33 patients (53 eyes) with open angle glaucoma (OAG) which were examined at the ophthalmic sections of 5 military hospitals. The threshold test of the FDT perimetry was re-created as a computer programmer. The screening test of the FDT perimetry was made on principles of the threshold test of the FDT perimetry and is intended for mass prophylactic examinations of population especially in groups of glaucoma risk. In this investigation our version of the screening test of the FDT perimetry showed high sensitivity (94,4%) and specificity (95,3%) in early diagnostic of glaucoma.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):23-26
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Post-traumatic stress disorder by wounded persons with traumatic disease

Kuvshinov K.E., Rabotkin O.S., Amirov A.M.


Was effectuated a complex clinical-psychological observe of 303 wounded military servicemen. Among them there were separated 5 groups in order of character and strength of psychic manifestations (without features of psychic disadaptation, with psychological stress reactions, pathological psychogenic reactions, posttraumatic stress disorders and long neurotic reactions). Common in structure educed psychic disorders was dominating of psychological and neurotic disorders. Straight correlation between heaviness of wounds and character of psychic disorders was absent. It bears record to necessity of realizing of rehabilitation measures for all wounded persons, without reference to level of damage and existence of psychic disorders, and for almost healthy.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):27-30
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Syndrome of intraabdominal hypertension among ill persons with peritonitis

Zubritsky V.F., Zabelin M.V., Osipov I.S., Mayorov A.V., Kryukov A.A.


The article presents results of measuring and dynamics of intraabdominal tension (IAT) by 108 patients with peritonitis. Was proved that in conditions of peritonitis IAT increases more then 10 mm Hg in 77,8% cases, also syndrome of hypertension was marked in 8,3% cases. Was found a fixed statically important correlation connection between sign of 1ST and frequency of inflamatory process of stomach and afterstomach space (p<0,05), and also between level of IAT and gravity of condition on scale APACHE II, SOFA (p<0,05). Using of method of laparostomya in combination with intubation of bowel is the most effective method, directed on prophylaxis and treatment of intraabdominal hypertension among ill persons with peritonitis.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):31-34
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A surgical treatment of patients with trachelokyphosis

Svetashov A.N., Epifantsev A.G.


The article presents analyze of results of treatment of 3 patients with initial caseous osteitis and of 49 patients with progressing spondylitis. Stabilizing operations on the axis were effectuated with using of dynamic constructions for back stabilization of axis, autotransplants and cellular implants in conditions of frontal spondylosyndesis. There were achieved good results of treatment of ventral spondylosyndesis by autotransplants in 76,9% cases, in treatment of frontal spondylosyndesis using cellular implants best resultswere achieved in 90,9% cases.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):35-38
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Improvement of defense of psychic health of military servicemen

Trushchelyov S.A.


The accelerating pace of accumulation of mental and behavioral disorders undermines the intellectual and creative potential of the nation, distorts the moral atmosphere of society, hampering economic development, and reduces the security of the country. In this review, we have substantiated the need to improve the mental health of soldiers. At the military service was increasingly being an insufficiently surveyed person. This is a great burden on the military structure. In the Armed Forces of Russia developed a program to preserve and strengthen the mental health of troops. These measures must be put into effect soon. At the national level is also necessary to have a plan to improve mental health.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):39-41
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Medical-psychological and social aspects of professional adaptation of staff of criminal-executive system

Dyakovich M.P., Pavlov A.V.


There was observed medical-psychological and social aspects of professional adaptation of staff of criminal-executive system, was given evaluation of conditions of their work. Was learned risk of damage of health, adaptational potential, personal peculiarities of staff Was learned valuable-motivation sphere, self-concept of competitionability, type of life position, several elements of mode of life of the staff. Was educed decreasing of adaptational capabilities, high personal anxiety and low stress firmness among high number of young specialists. Was formed an apprehension about effectiveness of their professional adaptation in conditions of absence of system of dynamic medical-psychological observe and prophylactic measures.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):42-46
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About spatial orientation of flying staff in air

Chulaevsky A.O., Mel’nik S.G., Kovalenko P.A.


Were learned peculiarities of spatial orientation by altitude of pilots and students in conditions of flying over a sea and on link trainer Yak-40, were educed psychophysiological and psychological mechanisms of perception of altitude. Was effectuated a valuation of existing and possible methods of teaching of effective orientation in air. Was shown, that pilots with different professional rate make faults as well in visual flying as visual detecting of the altitude. Were made conclusions about necessity of creation of methods of teaching of effective spatial orientation on the base of altitude, creation of procedure simulator with using of computer technologies for teaching not only students, but flying staff also.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):47-50
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Brief reports

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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):51-77
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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):78-83
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Contraepidemic supplying of troops in offensives of the end of the Great Patriotic War

Loktev A.E.


The article presents the analyze of experience of contra-epidemic measures, effectuated by the medical service in Lvov-Sandomir (Yuly 13, - January 29, 1944), Yass-Kishinev (August 20-29, 1944), Budapest (October 29, 1944 - February 13, 1945) offensives. The article presents data about contra-epidemic work on the 1 st Belorussian front in other offensives of the spring 1945. In Vena offensive operation (March 16, - April 15, 1945 in cooperation with activity of troops of the 3 rd Ukrainian front ant left wing of the 2 nd Ukrainian front was effectuated a big number of contra-epidemic measures. Special interest takes organization of contra-epidemic measures of Berlin offensive operation (April 16, - May 8, 1945).
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):84-88
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The 90th anniversary of Novocherkassk military hospital

Benya F.M., Matsko B.G.


The article is devoted to the 90 th anniversary of Novocherkassk military hospital of Northern Caucasus military region (Rostov area). Military hospital is a modern treatment-prophylaxis institute. Quality of treatment of military service men, members of their families, reserve officers, civil staff is permanently increasing. Treatment-diagnostic units are equipped by modern facilities. 60 physicians and nurses have highest and first qualified categories. More then 10 years the staff of hospital realizes the medical aid to wounded and ill persons, coming from theatres of the armed conflicts.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):89-91
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Official communications

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Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):92-93
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International conference «Glaucome: theory, tendencies, technologies»

Kuroedov A.V., Gorodnichy V.V., Aleksandrov A.S., Tsalkina E.B., Ogorodnikova V.Y.
Voenno-medicinskij žurnal. 2010;331(2):94-96
pages 94-96 views

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