Optimization of parameters and operation regimes of MTA (machine-and-tractor unit)

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The designed methodic of mathematical models construction allows to optimize MTA working parameters and regimes taking into account probabilistic character of external load and the method of control over exploitation parameters and algorithms of its realization according to the following criteria: the highest productivity of MTA and the lowest expenditure on a unit of work. The results of comparison of experimental and calculation data confirm aptitude of assumptions accepted in the course of designing of mathematical models and possibility of their application with accuracy which is sufficient for exploitation calculations.

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S V Kalachin

Email: kalachin@bmail.ru


  1. Агеев Л.Е. Основы расчета оптимальных и допускаемых режимов работы машинно-тракторных агрегатов. - Л.: Колос. Ленингр. отд-ние, 1978.

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