Vol 81, No 6 (2014)


Effective use of hydrogen power resources in the power supply structure of agroindustrial complex

Fomin V.M.


Results of applicability searches for alternative hydrogen-based energy sources in diesels for mobile agricultural machinery were analyzed. Potential possibility that selected hydrogen power resources will be really introduced in the power consumption structure of agroindustrial complex in the coming years is substantiated.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):3-7
pages 3-7 views

Application of natural gas and recirculation on 4Ч 11,0/12,5 tractor diesel

Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.


Experimental testing results of Д-240 diesel operating on compressed natural gas with exhaust gas recirculation are presented. Improvement opportunity of diesel ecological indicators, in particular decrease of nitrogen oxides level in exhaust gases, diesel fuel saving, rise of effective indices is determined.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):7-9
pages 7-9 views

Substantiation of design of elastic drive shaft of a vibratory crusher

Markin O.Y., Makhmutov M.M., Kudryashov Y.A.


Different designs of elastic drive shafts of conic vibratory crushers distinguishing by method of affixment and section are considered. Substantiation of the shaft design is carried out by flexibility, which defines the length. The best results are obtained for spring drive shafts.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):9-11
pages 9-11 views

Dual-fuel system for tractor diesel with multi-stage heating

Ryzhov Y.N., Inshakov A.P., Kurochkin A.A.


The design of dual-fuel system for tractor diesel with multi-stage heating is described. It allows using pure rape oil as a fuel in a diesel engine.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):11-13
pages 11-13 views

Modernization of tuberous roots dry cleaning method

Ardanov C.-., Shukhanov S.N., Boloyev P.A.


The method allowing to increase efficiency of tuberous roots dry cleaning was developed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):13-14
pages 13-14 views

New equation of a wheeled vehicle moving

Mamiti G.I.


Conclusions of generally accepted and recently proposed equations of wheeled vehicle (car, tractor, motorcycle and other) motion are given. It is shown that a necessary condition for correctness of equation of motion is to reduce forces and moments acting on a vehicle to contact of driven wheels with road.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):15-18
pages 15-18 views

Diagnostics of resource structural parameters of geared transmissions

Dobrolyubov I.P.


Identification method for diagnostics of resource structural parameters of gearing of transmissions and reducers of agricultural machinery is suggested. The method is based on analysis of deformation of distribution density and correlation function of amplitudes of vibroacoustic impulses or impulses of shaft angular velocity on exceedance by mean value or by dispersion (following along with tooth changeover periods) of level corresponding to occurrence of defects and critical operating mode. Application of this method is investigated.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):18-23
pages 18-23 views

Mathematical model of a screw moldboard plough operation

Belov M.I.


Mathematical model, algorithm and computer model of undercutting and turning of soil layer by a screw moldboard of share plough body are presented. These models are based on predetermined soil layer motion law and dynamical interaction between layer and ploughshare, breast and wing of moldboard, surfaces of which are described by unstable functions.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):23-27
pages 23-27 views

Flotation of all-wheel drive vehicle on snowy wild land

Ostretsov A.V., Sharipov V.M., Klimova Y.V., Tarasova L.I.


Experimental results of flotation of GAZ-66-40, KamAZ-4350, Ural-4320-30 and Ural-5323-20 all-wheel drive vehicles on snowy wild land are given. Comparative assessment of flotation is carried out on basic indicators such as specific drawbar force, specific force of resistance to towing of car, maximal speed of rectilinear uniform motion without towed load and minimal car turning radius without flotation loss.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):27-29
pages 27-29 views

Soil compaction by track and wheel tractor

Loparev A.A., Komkin A.S.


Alterations of physical and mechanical properties of soil after impact of a track and wheel tractor in comparison with a wheel tractor are considered.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):30-32
pages 30-32 views

Sealing components of sowing device of overpressure

Popov A.Y.


Design and operational principles of pneumatic sowing device of overpressure with sealing of seed chamber are described. Process of seed placement into transport channel is researched theoretically. Conditions of secured pushing out of superfluous seeds without jamming and damages are determined. Shape of protuberances of seeding plate is specified.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):32-35
pages 32-35 views

Substantiation of efficiency of segmentary screen use in hammer crushers of closed type

Konoshin I.V., Zvekov A.V.


Main disadvantages of hammer crushers of closed type equipped with cylindrical screen, causes of disadvantages and measures of their removal are specified. The scheme of a crushing device equipped with segmentary screen and comparative assessment of working process of hammer crushers with cylindrical screen and segmentary one are presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):35-38
pages 35-38 views

High-pressure mixed-flow fan of tractor diesel cooling system

Andreyenkov A.A.


Parameters of high-pressure mixed-flow fan for liquid-cooling system of tractor diesel of 115 kW power are determined.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Assessment of limiting state of working organs of soil-cultivating cutters

Zvolinskiy V.N., Nikolayenko N.Y.


Problem of limiting state determination for working organs of driven soil cultivating cutters is considered, that is necessary for reliability assessment during acceptance inspection tests. It is suggested to use 3D-scanning with step by step measuring program for accurate and quantitative determination of cutting working organs wear.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):41-45
pages 41-45 views

Using the out of service leaf springs for ploughshares restoration

Mikhalchenkov A.M., Mikhalchenkova M.A., Novikov A.A.


Applicability of out of service leaf springs of 60С2 steel as material of compensating element for ploughshares restoration is shown.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):46-47
pages 46-47 views

Basic measures allowing to increase the energy efficiency of electric equipment in agroindustrial complex

Safonov A.S.


Measures increasing energy efficiency of electric equipment in the agroindustrial complex are considered, namely applicability of energy efficient electric motors, frequency regulation and special electric motors in an electric drive of agricultural machinery.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):48-51
pages 48-51 views

Machine and tractor fleet maintenance in agricultural enterprises of Zabaykalsky Krai

Siryayeva I.V., Palamodov Y.O.


Technical equipment of agricultural enterprises of Zabaykalsky Krai and machines maintenance level are analyzed. Comparative characteristics of loading level of tractors and grain harvesters in spring-summer period are given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2014;81(6):51-52
pages 51-52 views

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