Vol 82, No 10 (2015)


Biodiesel fuel production from microalgae

Nagornov S.A., Mescheryakova Y.V.


Diagram and main stages of biodiesel fuel production from chlorella are given. Influence of cultivation conditions on the content of lipids in the extract of microalgae is considered. Chromatographic analysis of fatty acid composition of obtained lipid fraction is performed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):3-5
pages 3-5 views

Research of new working organs for graded subsurface tillage in arid conditions of the South of Russia

Parkhomenko G.G., Bozhko I.V., Gromakov A.V., Maksimenko V.A.


The paper presents the results of experimental researches of different versions of working organs for graded subsurface tillage. Analysis of their energy and agrotechnical indicators is performed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):6-9
pages 6-9 views

Theoretical and experimental determination of tractive resistance of a rope and roller cultivator

Polikutin N.G., Telichkina N.A.


Diagrams of forces acting on rope and roller working organs of the cultivator are given. Theoretical substantiation and formulas for determination of tractive resistance of working organs of the device are presented. Experimental results of determination of energy indicators of device performance, as well as comparative evaluation of theoretical and experimental data are brought.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):10-12
pages 10-12 views

Stabilization of road-holding ability of controlled movement of machine-tractor unit

Fomin S.D., Pyndak V.I., Gapich D.S.


The article considers the dynamic parameters of machine-tractor unit, including the road-holding ability of controlled movement, by the example of transport unit with wheel tractor of 1,4 class in a wide range of speeds with changed transmission parameters and various types of kinematic connection of driving wheels.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):13-17
pages 13-17 views

Problem of minimization of wheeled vehicle power consumption on external resistance overcoming in case of uneven load distribution between the axles

Keller A.V., Pozin B.M., Troyanovskaya I.P., Bondar V.N., Yusupov A.A.


The paper deals with the problem of minimization of power consumption for the movement of mobile machine with uneven load distribution between the axles. Comparison of total required power values is made by the examples of most common methods of mobile machine control, namely using of unblocked differential, limited-slip differential, full blocking of differentials.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):17-19
pages 17-19 views

Development of principles for improvement of motion stability of multi-unit tractor trains

Zhileykin M.M., Skotnikov G.I.


Analytical expression for control device of electronic stability program for trailer and semi-trailer constituting a part of tractor train is obtained. The electronic stability program improves the motion stability of multi-unit vehicles.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):19-23
pages 19-23 views

Balancing of swash plate mechanism for cutterbar drive of grass cutting header

Kotov A.V., Chuprynin Y.V.


Results of vector method of balancing of swash plate mechanism for cutterbar drive of grass cutting header are presented. Resultant vector and principal moment of inertial forces of the mechanism are calculated. Parameters of counterweights providing complete dynamic or partial balancing of the system are selected.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):23-27
pages 23-27 views

Method of mathematical modeling of grain moving process in conveying channel of stripper header

Buryanov M.A., Buryanov A.I., Chervyakov I.V.


The article proposes a method for study of grain moving process in conveying channel of stripper header.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Computer model of soil cultivation with a tiller

Ramazanova G.G., Belov M.I., Gadzhiyev P.I.


The article is devoted to the development of computer model for study of working surface form of tiller blade for soil cultivation. The results of investigation of three forms (curved, straight and wavy lines) of blade profile in the plane of its rotation are presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):31-36
pages 31-36 views

Seeding of rapeseed by the use of vibration sowing device of a seeder

Vishnyakov A.A., Vishnyakov A.S., Klak A.I.


Vibration sowing device was developed for a seeder as the embodiment of multifunctional tilling and sowing machine. The main factors influencing the quality of seeding by vibration device are determined. According to research results, the graph of their influence on estimates of seeding is constructed. The parameters of efficient operation of the device are defined; they satisfy the agrotechnical requirements for the quality of small-seeded crops seeding.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Determination of time for orienting of bulbs in vibration seed cell

Yemelyanov P.A.


The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies determining the time for orienting of bulbs in vibration seed cell of planter during planting from free position to the position when bulb stem is downward directed.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Mechanization of harvesting of mixed sowing of cereal crops

Aldoshin N.V., Zolotov A.A., Tsygutkin A.S., Malla B.


Various schemes of design improvement for combine harvesters with axial rotary threshing-separating device are proposed. Their use allows to harvest crops with different technological properties from mixed sowing. An example of harvesting of mixed sowing of triticale and white lupine is considered.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):41-45
pages 41-45 views

Efficiency of application of gas turbine engines on tractors for agricultural purposes

Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I.


The article presents the research results of work of automotive gas turbine engines and of efficiency of their application on tractors for agricultural purposes. To assess the efficiency of the Kirovets tractor with gas turbine engine, the optimum values of energy and technical-economic indicators are substantiated.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Study of stationary regimes of drum grain dryer and opportunities to increase their intensity

Andrianov N.M., Mei S., Xue Y.


Using the methods of modeling and experimental studies, stationary regimes of drum grain dryer are investigated. Recommendations for their intensification and control system improvement are given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2015;82(10):48-52
pages 48-52 views

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