Vol 76, No 12 (2009)


An analysis of market segment of wheeled 0,6 class tractors

Yeliseyev A.G.


Технологическая потребность АПК Российской Федерации в с.-х. колесных тракторах кл. 0,6 составляет 44,9 тыс. эт. ед., однако существующий платежеспособный спрос на рынке не обеспечивает не только увеличения парка, но и обновления уже существующего.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):3-4
pages 3-4 views

Improving indices of tractor diesel by the work on biodiesel fuel treated by ultrasound

Zagorodskih B.P., Fadeev S.A., Uhanov A.P.


The questions of use of biodiesel В20 (20% of oil and 80% of a diesel fuel), processed by ultrasound, in a tractor diesel engine and its ecological indicators are considered.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):4-6
pages 4-6 views

Combined unit for once-over tillage

Dobyshev A.S., Puzevich K.L.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):52-
pages 52- views

Registration of seeds going out from seed distributor of precision seed drill

Kireyev I.M., Koval' Z.M.


For the registering of sown seeds by the sowing apparatuses of precise sowing it is suggested to use a pneumatic device with a piezocrystal quartz sensor, which ensures registration, formation and processing of electrical signals, caused by the shock of seeds against the receiving area with the quartz sensor.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):7-11
pages 7-11 views

Potato loader

Pavlov P.I., Khakimzianov R.R., Nesterov S.A., Leont`yev A.A.


The design and principle of work of two-phase feeder for the loader of continuous action for loading potatoes are brought. Optimum values regime and design data of working organs of a feeder and their influence on the twisting moment and drive capacity are installed. The analysis of two-phase feeder work is presented at a variation of levels of each pair of researched factors.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):11-13
pages 11-13 views

Runner of the centripetal fan

Borontsoyev A.A.


Given clause is devoted to the problem of profitability, reduction of the cost price of processing, dimensions, metal consumption and increase of productivity of centre swift fans. In work the design of the essentially new and economic centripetal fan is presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):13-14
pages 13-14 views

Mathematic model of interaction of the wheeled skidding portage system with account for nonholonomic constraints

Kochnev A.M.


Is developed procedure and mathematical model of the estimation of interaction of wheel logging tractor with the bundle of wood by dragging taking into account nonholonomic constraints at the contact points of tires and crown of the skidding bundle of wood with the bearing surface, that make it possible to reveal the important special features of dynamic processes proceeding in this case and to reduce the degree of the divergence of the results of theoretical and experimental studies.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):14-19
pages 14-19 views

Stability of movement of combined MTA (machine-and-tractor unit) with frontal and rear mounted implements

Dontsov I.Y.


New mechanisms of combined MTA, which ensure stability of motion, are described, the methods of calculation of the basic parameters of mechanism and the results of field tests are also presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):20-22
pages 20-22 views

Mathematic simulation and calculation of soil compaction by the work of wheeled tractor and after its stop

Zolotarevskaya D.I., Goncharova Z.G.


The modification of the stressedly-deformed state and the density of viscoelastic sandy-loam soil as a result of the sequential passages of the wheel tractor with the different speeds on the soil were investigated. Viscoelastic properties of the soil are described with the first order differential equation connecting the compressive stress, the speed of the change of the compressing stress and relative deformation of the compression in the vertical direction. A method of calculation of the deforming indices and the compacting of the soil because of the creep after tractor has stopped was offered. In the computing experiments, the calculated data which characterize the influence of the row of factors on the viscoelastic properties of the soil and the compressing action of the tractor on the soil was obtained.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):22-27
pages 22-27 views

To derivation of equations of thermodynamic and indicator efficiency for ДВС (internal combustion engine)

Bashirov R.M.


Предложен метод вывода термодинамических уравнений и уравнения индикаторного КПД для ДВС. В качестве исходного принимается уравнение теплового баланса. Представленные в таблицах данные свидетельствуют о наглядности и нетрудоемкости вывода уравнений.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Automation of tuning system of technological process for a grain combine harvester

Tsarev Y.A., Dzhigarkhanov D.G.


The article considers one of the approaches to the automation of grain harvester adjustment system based on the digital method.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):29-31
pages 29-31 views

Designing chopper of forage harvester with an accelerator of plants unloading

Chepurnoi A.I., Belov M.I., Slavkin V.I., Kozlov V.V., Pronin V.Y.


The article includes theoretical reseach of forage harvester cylinder type cutterhead with thrower.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):31-35
pages 31-35 views

Mathematic simulation of separating potato tubers on the roll-and-disk surface

Oreshin Y.Y.


The paper presents a mathematical method for calculation of the optimal slope of the directing disk to the rotation axis of roller-and-disk sorting tool. Analysis of the obtained results shows that the choice of rational parameters and operation modes of the above tool improves the grading accuracy and lowers the tuber damage thus raising efficiency of potato grading machines.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Simulation of grain destruction process with the use of computer

Solntsev R.V.


The article aims at examining the grain destruction process. This process is widely used in manufacture of mixed fodders. Current methods are not optimal, as they take into account separate aspects of the process. Also there is no specialized software for modeling. The article presents a computer program in Delphi, which allows to model the grain destruction process and to explain the functional relations between its parameters. This program will be most useful for determination of boundary values of researched parameters.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):38-39
pages 38-39 views

Safety indices by the use of grain combine harvesters

Gorshkov Y.G., Dmitriev M.S., Zainishev A.V.


In this article the substantiation of the indices allowing to evaluate the combiner's professional safety and results of combines «Yenissey-1200M» and «Don-1500» security level determination are presented.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):40-42
pages 40-42 views

About the frictional oscillations

Zadneprovskyi R.P.


Frictional oscillations fundamentals of machine and mechanism friction units are examined, taking into account their harmonic and relaxation character, roughness surface parameters, adhesion strength properties and sliding speed. The estimated value of frictional oscillations parameters applying to friction units is given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Motorless thermal stand for studying cyclic strength of pistons

Glinkin S.A., Hotz A.N., Ivanchenko A.B.


Results of work on creation of the motorless thermal stand, which allows to determine experimentally the thermal stability of pistons at a cyclic transient thermal load, are stated. The way of installation of thermocouples and the results of temperature measurement of the piston at the created stand are described.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):44-46
pages 44-46 views

One-channel stand for testing ТНВД (high-pressure fuel pump) of modern diesels

Gabitov I.I., Gabbasov A.G., Yagodin R.V.


The scientific researches were carried by testing modern fuel system on one-channel bench. Influence of the bench characteristics on the fuel-handling and structure for testing of quality functioning actuators was described in this article.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Improving technology of defecation residues application by the use of cyclic action loaders

D'yachkov A.P., Kolesnikov N.P.


Due to absence of continuous action loaders on farms of МПК-Ф-1 type, widely used cycle action loaders are offered to apply defecation residues. To increase efficiency of these loaders the scheme of working process in the field is improved. A new method of technology elements rational parameters calculation is given.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):49-50
pages 49-50 views

Effectiveness of technological line for edible roots treatment

Zaitsev S.P., Zaitseva N.P.


Предложена барабанно-щеточная установка для сухой очистки корнеплодов, а также математические модели для практических расчетов при разработке очистителей данного типа.
Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):50-52
pages 50-52 views

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Traktory i sel hozmashiny. 2009;76(12):53-56
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