Vol 77, No 1 (2010)


Technical revolution in control and automation of tractors and mobile machines (state and perspectives)

Novikov G.V.


Last years a microprocessor technical revolution in automatics and control of mobile machines has occurred. Their elements have changed dramatically and their possibilities have essentially, cardinally extended. In the paper the condition of serious backwardness in this area of technics from a technological level of the advanced countries is ascertained, opportunities and prospects of development of automatics and controls in our country in new conditions are estimated. Personnel opportunities of development are estimated sceptically.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):3-5
pages 3-5 views

2009 tractors market: analysis of use of different type transmissions on agricultural tractors

Lysov A.M.


Results of the analysis of application of different types transmissions on agricultural tractors of various power categories presented in the German market in 2009 are given. Comparison with the similar analysis on the tractors presented in the same market in 2007 and 2008 is given. The appreciable increase in application in 2009 in comparison with 2008 year of stepless transmissions on traktors in power ranges from 150 to 260 and from 260 to 400 h.p. is observed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):6-8
pages 6-8 views

OAO Bobruyskagromash - the laureate of competition-2009

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):45-
pages 45- views

Effect of physical-and-chemical indices of biodiesel fuel on the parameters of diesel and its ecological-and-operating characteristics

Semenov V.G., Rudachenko S.V.


Проанализировано влияние некоторых физико-химических показателей биодизельного топлива, определяемых стандартом EN 14214:2003, на параметры дизеля и его эколого-эксплуатационные характеристики. Описаны возможные неисправности топливной аппаратуры дизеля и его систем при работе на биодизельном топливе.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):8-10
pages 8-10 views

Decreasing nitrogen contents in exhaust gases of diesel with turbo-supercharging by the use of natural gas

Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P.


Probes of tractor diesel engine Д-245.12С (4ЧН 11/12,5) were carried out in the Vjatsky state agricultural academy for improvement of ecological indexes by natural gas application. On the basis of the made laboratory-bench probes of working process of a tractor turbocharged diesel 4ЧН 11/12,5 at operation on a natural gas the possibility of improvement of ecological indexes of a diesel engine by natural gas application, in particular by drops of nitrogen oxide in exhausted gases, saving of solar oil, heightening of effective indexes is determined.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):11-13
pages 11-13 views

An attachment for installation of slot sprayers

Kapustin V.P., Biryukova Y.V.


Проанализированы различные типы распылителей пестицидов. Приведена конструкция приспособления для установки осей щелевых распылителей на заданный угол относительно штанги опрыскивателя.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):13-14
pages 13-14 views

Modernization of soil separation systems for vegetable harvesting machines

Kolesnikov Y.A., Ivko G.I., Kamyshnikov A.Y., Abidulin A.N.


Проанализированы основные направления разработки комплекса машин для уборки овощей. Предложены модернизированные конструкции, позволяющие снизить трудоемкость уборочных работ, потери и повреждения плодов и повысить производительность труда.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):15-18
pages 15-18 views

New mechanization means for berries harvesting and maintenance of plantations

Bychkov V.V., Kadykalo G.I., Yspenskiy I.A., Chetvertakov A.V.


Replaceable-modular combine КСМ-5 for the mechanized berries gathering and currant plantations care is described. Its engineering-and-economical performance is given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):18-21
pages 18-21 views

Modernized crusher for fodder grain

Shirobokov V.I., Ivanov A.G., Fedorov O.S.


In agricultural industry the hammer grinders are the main devices for grinding grains. The lock of sifts in the operational area of the grainder prevent the removal of the ready product is the main drawback of these grainders. It can lead intensive formation of dust, wear of sift and hammer and over usage of electricity. More raised construction of the grinder allows to overcome all the drawbacks. The separator allows to define the main parameters of cylinder part of separating sift.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):21-23
pages 21-23 views

A sledge trailer

Kiselev G.M.


Предложена конструкция самосвальных тракторных саней, оборудованных упругим прицепным устройством и тормозным механизмом.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):23-24
pages 23-24 views

Pneumatic separator for fodder grain

Baranov N.F., Bulatov S.Y., Sergeev A.G.


A pneumatic separator, which allows to clear grain from fine (sand etc.) and coarse (shingle, slag etc.) mineral and metallomagnetic impurities is presented. The constructional and technological circuit and general view of separator are drawn. The results of multiple-factor experiments on optimization of pneumatic separator parameters are submitted.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):25-26
pages 25-26 views

A procedure of power losses calculation of caterpillar tractor skid by kinematical inconsistency and asymmetric loading between propellers

Kotovskov A.V., Potapov P.V.


The method of calculating of losses from slipping of caterpillar tractor, which takes into account asymmetric laden of caterpillar propulsors and its kinematic misfit, and method of successive approximations, improved by authors and used in developed method, is suggested.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Spectral characteristics of dynamic model of curvilinear movement of tractor train

Gamajunov P.P., Alekseev S.A., Lukjanov A.A., Gamajunova Y.P.


Dynamic behavior of the mathematical models received on the basis of mathematical methods of identification according to natural experiment on curvilinear movement of a tractor train on turn is considered. Spectral characteristics are submitted as periodogramms, spectrums of state variables, peak and phase frequency characteristics.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):30-32
pages 30-32 views

Separation of slice from soil massif by the action of share edge

Nikolayev V.A., Popov D.V.


Рассмотрен процесс отделения пласта от массива почвы при вспашке и действующие при этом на почву силы. Дана оценка затрат энергии, аналитическим путем определена средняя удельная нагрузка на лезвие лемеха.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):32-35
pages 32-35 views

Functional schema of grain combine thresher

Zan'ko N.D.


A scientific research was realized. Connection and dependence were determined between elements of threshing machine for combine harvester system. It enabled to elaborate functional scheme of threshing machine. Using of this scheme let to elaborate the plan of multiple-factor investigations of threshing machine by mathematical modelling of it.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):35-39
pages 35-39 views

An analysis of conditions of turning flax stalks by work of pick-up-reverser

Khaylis G.A., Sheychenko V.V.


Приведены результаты исследований поворота стеблей льна в подборщике-оборачивателе. Получены аналитические выражения, позволяющие оценить условия поворота стеблей и мощность подборщика-оборачивателя, необходимую для работы на редком и густом льне.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Kinematical indices of separating elevator with combined bars

Latyshenok M.B., Kostenko M.Y., Gorjachkina I.N.


The results of research of modernized separating conveyor that exert intensive influence on tuber's layer are shown.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Use of cyclone in the air channel of C-10 and C-20 grain dryers

Naymushin M.I.


The technological process of grain drying is described. The basic sizes of a cyclone towards their reduction are specified. The research of a cyclone let to determine the loss of pressure in it at its installation in an air path of grain dryers. The method of research and the aerodynamic characteristic of the fan TS-14-46-8 and the cyclone are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):43-45
pages 43-45 views

Changing form of piston rings in response to engine temperature

Ivashentsev G.A., Khokhlov A.V.


Представлен метод расчета формы поршневых колец в свободном состоянии от воздействия температуры, возникающей при работе двигателя, основанный на решении теоремы Мора.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Reliability level of transmission of the class 3 caterpillar tractor

Zhutov A.G., Zhidkov G.I., Koblov S.P.


Пронализированы причины отказов трансмиссии гусеничного трактора ДТ-175С. Под наблюдение было взято 20 тракторов. Установлены основные причины отказов - трение, вибрации и их комплексное воздействие. Разработаны рекомендации по повышению уровня надежности исследуемого трактора.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):48-50
pages 48-50 views

Designing reliability of cylindrical springs by complicated loading

Mart'yanov A.P., Markin O.Y., Yakhin S.M., Mart'yanov S.A.


In this work compression springs with torsion are examined. In calculations relations between kinematic and static characteristics, according to the Kirchhoff and Clebsch theory, are used. Calculation of variable section springs on carrying capacity or reliability loss with critical values of torque and axial force determination is brought.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):50-52
pages 50-52 views

Increasing resource of plunger and barrel assembly

Burdykin V.D.


Предложена запатентованная конструкция плунжерной пары, в которой путем незначительных изменений усовершенствован процесс наполнения надплунжерного пространства топливом. Описаны ее устройство и принцип работы.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):52-53
pages 52-53 views

Information technologies in technical exploitation of mobile energetic means

Revyakin M.M., Zhosan A.A.


Mobile energetic means (MEM) and methodology of its diagnosing are presented from the point of view of achievements in sphere of information technologies. The expediency of application of essentially new monitoring system behind technical conditions of MEM is caused by necessity for efficiency of data acquisition about its current condition with the purpose to warn malfunction on the first stage of formation. The program architecture of treatment of data system's and one of possible version of its testing is considered.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):53-55
pages 53-55 views

80th anniversary of V.I. Osobov

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):55-
pages 55- views

80th anniversary of V.P. Grebnev

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2010;77(1):56-
pages 56- views

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