Vol 79, No 3 (2012)


Formation of quantitative and age composition of tractor fleet in conditions of unprofitable agricultural production

Shevtsov V.G., Lavrov A.V.


A method of determination of optimal quantitative and age composition of the tractor fleet in conditions of development of system with limited resources is presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):3-6
pages 3-6 views

A device for the energy saturation of fuel

Simdyankin A.A., Simdyankina Y.Y., Kaykatsishvili G.Z.


Necessity of use of a device for energy saturation of liquid motor fuel is grounded and a construction for its realization is proposed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):6-8
pages 6-8 views

A system of capacity stabilization for the forage harvesters

Chepurnoy A.I., Pakhunova R.N., Pronin V.Y.


The results of laboratory and field tests of forage harvester КСК-100А equipped with a system of capacity stabilization are given. Advantages of modernized harvester are revealed. Its performance increased and total load on the engine decreased. The stabilization coefficient of loading is 1.14, stabilization coefficient of vegetative mass layer thickness is 1.35.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):8-10
pages 8-10 views

Continuously variable two-flow hydrovolumetric mechanical gearbox for a tractor with 350-400 hp engine

Samorodov V.B., Shuba S.A., Derkach O.I.


An original continuously variable two-flow hydrovolumetric mechanical gearbox is presented. The gearbox is equipped with two adjustable hydraulic units and intended for a tractor with 300-350 hp engine. Parameters of construction are designed on the basis of system approach to the automated analysis, synthesis and projecting of hydrovolumetric mechanical transmissions.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):10-13
pages 10-13 views

Improving the technological process and engineering tools for direct grasses undersowing in the sod of natural forage lands

Sokolov A.V., Zamana S.P., Patlay V.V., Fedorovskiy T.G., Kindsfater V.Y.


Results of search investigation concerning the development of effective methods for direct undersowing into the sod of natural lands are given. Comparative analysis of sowing quality with active and passive tools is carried out. Process variables and operation characteristics of grass seeders СДК-2.8 and СТС-2.1 are specified.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):14-15
pages 14-15 views

The role of tractors' power characteristics in the formation of their types

Nadykto V.T.


Ways of practical implementation of power characteristics for traction and traction-power tractors during the formation of their types are considered.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):16-21
pages 16-21 views

Traction indicators of class 1,4 wheel machine and tractor units with demountable hooks in conditions of arable land

Slavkin V.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Makhmutov M.M., Makhmutov M.M.


Conditions and results of experimental field researches of wheeled machine-tractor units of class 1.4 equipped with demountable hooks are considered. Limits of considered factors in natural scale of measurement are presented. Traction characteristics and power balance of the units are shown.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):21-23
pages 21-23 views

Dependence of movements of the control system regulating body on the index of oscillation

Lipa O.A.


The amplitude of regulating body oscillations under action of random stationary perturbations on control system is evaluated. It is established that the required average amplitude of regulating body movements can be ensured by restricting the index of oscillation.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):23-24
pages 23-24 views

A mathematical model of soil crumbling by beater drum

Belov M.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Nazarov A.A., Pakhunova R.N.


The article deals with the theoretical justification and calculation of key parameters of beater drum of tillage machine used for soil preparation before potatoes and other root crops planting.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):24-29
pages 24-29 views

Introduction in the theory of involvement of soil masses in movement with specific reference to the soil processing

Imamov I.S., Belov S.V., Vorobiov Y.I.


Technologies of mechanical soil tillage assume its deformation and destruction. These processes are difficult for generalization and mathematical description. Basic provisions for determination of wave grounds of energy transfer in soil body during its deformation and destruction are proposed. A way to clarify the rational equation of academician Goryachkin V.P. concerning the traction resistance of tillage tools based on the principles of theory of involvement of soil masses in movement are suggested.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):30-32
pages 30-32 views

Improving the grain crops seeds broadcast seeding by a disc opener

Radnayev D.I., Drincha V.M.


Сonstruction of modernized narrow-row disc opener is developed. The results of design of experiments on substantiation of construction characteristics of opener allowing to realize the stripe broadcast seeding are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):33-35
pages 33-35 views

Influence of absolute soil humidity on the porosity of soil packing

Makhmutov M.M., Chepurnoy A.I., Makhmutov M.M., Dzhabarov A.K.


The influence of absolute soil humidity on the porosity of soil packing is shown. It is noted that soil porosity will be reduced at the expense of decreasing of air pores and increasing of solid particles volume as a result of soil compression with mover, strake, block etc. at constant humidity. The analysis of obtained models is given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):35-36
pages 35-36 views

Analysis of the flax fiber pressing in compression chamber

Kovaliov M.M., Apykhin A.P.


Results of experimental researches concerning the determination of dependency between pressure of pressing plate on fiber and pressure on base and lateral walls as well as pressure distribution along height and perimeter of pressing chamber are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):37-38
pages 37-38 views

Features of using diesel power stations and systems with energy storage and current limiters

Genin V.S., Popova M.V.


Electromechanical processes arising at the operation of superconducting inductive storage device and current limiters in power system with synchronous loading are considered. A mathematical model is developed. Relations between characteristics of power system, storage device and current limiters are investigated.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):39-40
pages 39-40 views

Design improvement of the radial deformation limiter for the rubber-metal swivel joint of crawler-mounted mover

Korosteliov S.A.


Versions of limiter of radial deformation for the rubber-metal swivel joint of crawler-mounted mover are presented. This device allows to stabilize radial clearance between the limiter and the link ear.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Grinding devices of modern forage harvesters

Belov M.I., Gubernskiy A.Y., Gadzhiyev P.I., Slavkin V.I., Pronin V.Y.


Constructions of grinders for forage harvester available on Russian market are briefly reviewed. Comparative characteristics of domestic and foreign grinding devices and results of cluster analysis are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):43-50
pages 43-50 views

Analysis of conceptual approaches to the solution of work-mechanization problem in farms

Voynash S.A., Voynash A.S.


Proposals on mechanization of operations in farms by means of application of new small-sized machinery, namely tractor-mobiles and autotractors, are considered. Ways of autotractor cross-country ability improvement in severe soil conditions and realization of self-loading and unloading are projected.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):51-55
pages 51-55 views

Analysing the characteristics of buttermaker for non-contact creaming

Simdyankin A.A., Simdyankina Y.Y., Lazutkina S.A., Pakhunova R.N.


Data of laboratory and industrial tests of buttermaker which uses acoustic vibrations for cream manufacturing are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):55-56
pages 55-56 views

The 80th anniversary of K.I. Gorodetskiy

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):55-
pages 55- views

The 75th anniversary of A.P. Tarasenko

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):50-
pages 50- views

The 75th anniversary of Ye.I. Reznik

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(3):56-
pages 56- views

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