Vol 79, No 9 (2012)


A method of agricultural tractors grouping for the analysis and forecasting of their market in Russia

Mininzon V.I., Parfionov A.P.


A method of tractors grouping based on traction and capacity assessment is proposed, which allows to analyze and forecast the market segmentation more effectively in comparison with ordinary grouping methods based on engine capacity assessment.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):3-8
pages 3-8 views

Company "Rosagrolizing" at the exhibition "Agrosalon-2012"

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В рамках выставки АГРОСАЛОН, которая пройдет с 10 по 13 октября 2012 г. в МВЦ «Крокус Экспо», состоится семинар «Эффективное взаимодействие ОАО «Росагролизинг», Ассоциации «Росагромаш» и предприятий отечественного сельхозмашиностроения - основа технологической модернизации АПК России». Ключевыми докладчиками на совещании выступят Президент Ассоциации «Росагромаш» Константин Бабкин и Генеральный директор компании «Росагролизинг» Валерий Назаров.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):8-
pages 8- views

Way from formation through development to the innovations lasts half a century

Kotin A.V.


В сентябре 2012 г. Институт механики и энергетики Мордовского государственного университета им. Н.П. Огарёва отмечает 50-летие со дня образования. За эти годы из его стен вышло более 10000 высококвалифицированных специалистов. Среди них - руководители с.-х. и промышленных предприятий, крупные ученые и общественные деятели, работающие во всех регионах Российской Федерации.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):9-11
pages 9-11 views

Engineering faculty is 60 years

Mokhnatkin V.G.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):11-12
pages 11-12 views

Decreasing of carbon dust emissions with the exhaust gases of diesel engines by the application of alternative fuels

Likhanov V.A., Rossokhin A.V., Chuprakov A.I.


Methods of carbon dust content decreasing in the exhaust gases of diesel engines by means of application of alternative fuels, namely of compressed natural gas and methanol, are considered. Results of experimental and theoretical researches allowing to draw a conclusion on the effectiveness and expediency of specified fuels application are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):13-16
pages 13-16 views

Features of operation of motor transport diesel working on ethanol and fuel emulsion

Likhanov V.A., Rossokhin A.V., Chuprakov A.I.


Possibility of ethanol and fuel emulsions' application as an alternative fuel for diesel engines is considered. Indicator parameters, environmental indexes and characteristics of heat generation during the diesel engine operation on ethanol and fuel emulsion are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Improving the constructional and technological configuration of turf seeder

Kurbanov R.F., Sozontov A.V., Morozov A.N.


A new constructional and technological solution improving the quality of grass seeding is proposed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):19-21
pages 19-21 views

An apparatus for feeding and mixing of friable components and liquid

Mokhnatkin V.G., Filinkov A.S., Solonschikov P.N.


Basic requirements for mixing and dissolution devices are revealed. Construction of apparatus for feeding and mixing of friable components and liquid, providing the metered flow of both liquid and friable components is offered. Head-flow characteristics and mass feeding of a matter in the working chamber were determined experimentally.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):22-24
pages 22-24 views

Forecasting of power consumption by dynamic systems of machine and tractor aggregates

Inshakov A.P., Vantyusov Y.A., Shnyakin I.N.


A model allowing to estimate the quality of power transfer by dynamic systems from power source to consumer is suggested. Conditions of effective power consumption during the machine and tractor units' operation are determined.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):24-26
pages 24-26 views

Parameter optimization of automatic transmission of an industrial tractor

Pozin B.M., Novoselskiy A.Y., Dovzhik Y.L.


The procedure of parameters (gear ratios) selection for automatic transmission of an industrial tractor providing the maximal performance of tractor aggregate is stated.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):26-29
pages 26-29 views

Energy model of а top drive crawler-mounted mover rolling

Lopariov A.A., Sudnitsyn V.I., Komkin A.S.


An energy model of top drive crawler-mounted mover rolling is suggested. The process of rotation of front and back support-and-tightening rollers is considered. Formulas for the calculation of efficiency coefficient for rollers and mover were obtained.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):29-32
pages 29-32 views

Relationship of driving wheels slipping and traction engine operation on aggregate acceleration mode

Lopariov A.A., Venglinskiy A.M., Shmakov V.A.


Relationship between the driving wheels slipping and the operation of engine of МТЗ-102 tractor on starting and acceleration modes is considered. Possibility of decreasing the slipping coefficient using the volumetric cyclic fuel supply when tractor is functioning within a technological aggregate was determined.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):32-33
pages 32-33 views

Coordination of functioning of cylindrical sieves of а grain separator

Zholobov N.V., Farafonov V.G., Yakimov A.V.


Speeds of kernels withdrawal from holes of internal cylindrical sieve, their motion paths and speeds at the moment of contact with outside sieve are calculated on the basis of the realized theoretical researches.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):34-36
pages 34-36 views

Influence of parameters of the diametrical fan's wheel blades on the acoustic characteristics

Sychugov N.P., Zholobov N.V.


Dependences between the parameters of wheel blades and the acoustic characteristics are ascertained on the basis of analysis of fields of speeds and air pressure in a running part of diametrical fan of a winnowing machine. Results of experimental researches are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Configuration of vortex chambers and air flow velocity in the crushing chamber of a hammer crusher

Baranov N.F., Zykin A.A.


Findings of investigation of influence of the vortex chambers configuration on the air flow in crushing chamber of an experimental hammer crusher are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Improvement of a feed grain crusher operation

Baranov N.F., Fufachiov V.S., Baranov R.N.


Constructional and technological configuration of a sieve-free feed grain crusher equipped with a pneumatic loading of material is suggested. Optimal diameter of limiting ring, area of annular gap between crushing chamber and disk of the rotor wheel and also number of fan blades are described.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Mathematical analysis of stochastic process of vacuum fluctuations in a milk line of milking machine

Alioshkin V.R., Shulyatyev V.N., Surkov S.V.


The limiting value of mean-square deviation of vacuum in a milk line during milking, providing its maximal staying in the given range is determined theoretically. Mathematical models permitting to calculate the probability of maintaining of vacuum mode in the tolerance zone are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):44-45
pages 44-45 views

Forecasting of service life of knots of repair and technological equipment in the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex

Komarov V.A., Lezin P.P., Grigoryev A.V.


Basic facts on the dependency of precision parameters of repair and technological equipment are given. Process of knot loading and its performances in stressedly-deformed state obtained as the results of investigation are described with a view to forecasting.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Reliability of information during the tractors diagnostics based on the engine functional parameters

Larin N.S., Saksin A.G., Polkovnikov N.F.


Basic theoretical preconditions of errors probability during the machines diagnostics based on the functional parameters, associated with measurement error are given. A plan of estimation of mathematical expectations of engine functional parameters in dependence on the kind of loading law was considered.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):49-50
pages 49-50 views

A new technology of axial-piston hydraulic machines repair

Burumkulov F.K., Ionov P.A., Stolyarov A.V., Senin A.P.


Problems of the axial-piston hydraulic machines repair, findings of investigation of parts and their joinings wear are considered. Degree of their influence on the hydraulic pump efficiency coefficient is ascertained. Recommendations on service life determinant parts renewal were developed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):50-53
pages 50-53 views

Technology of turbocompressors repair

Senin P.V., Vlaskin V.V., Marushkin Y.A.


Causes of failure and defects of turbocompressors and also actual methods of worn-out parts repair are shortly described. The essence of developed technology of turbocompressors repair using the electrospark method is stated.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):53-56
pages 53-56 views

Buzenkov Gavriil Mikhaylovich

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Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(9):56-
pages 56- views

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