Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS) is the only scientific journal in Russia concerned with studies of the Earth’s relief and relief-forming processes. It has been published for 45 years (since 1970). Its issues appear regularly 4 times a year and contain papers on various topics, such as studies of terrestrial, coastal and submarine landforms, geomorphological processes, ecological and applied geomorphology, and newly developed methods of research, as well as notes on history of the science and book reviews.

Aricles concerning neotectonics and paleogeography are accepted only if issues, considered there, are in close relationship with geomorphology. Journal also publishes reviews to the new scientific works concerning issues listed above, and chronical-informational reports about scientific meetings, conferences and summits took place.

In 2015 the journal will be 45 years old, which may be considered “the age of maturity”. During those years 180 issues came off the press; they contained more than 2700 papers written by about 1500 authors, including researches from academic institutions, teachers and professors from institutions of higher education, as well as specialists from various scientific and industrial organizations. Among the authors, there are both famous scientists and beginners making the first attempt at publishing their results. The portfolio in the office is never empty.


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Current Issue

No 1 (2019)

The main regularities of the ratio between riverbed and basin components of erosion and suspended sediment yield in river basins of the USA
Gusarov A.V., Maksyutova L.F.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):3-24
Scientific Research Methods
Geomorphology and typing of the Lake Ladoga shores with the use of dron
Anokhin V.M., Dudakova D.S., Dudakov M.O.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):25-37
Comprehensive assessment of the recreational-geomorphological potential of the coasts of the White and Baltic Seas
Mishurinskii D.V., Bredihin A.V.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):38-47
Morphological structure of plains subject to ground subsidence on the basis of mathematical morphology of landscapes approach
Sadkov S.A.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):48-58
Mathematical modeling of the development of the long profile of a deluvial slope
Salugin A.N., Kulik A.V.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):59-65
Geomorphological approach to the river runoff evaluation in the geological past (рaper 5. Comparison of the estimates by different methods)
Sidorchuk A.Y., Panin A.V., Borisova O.K.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):66-79
Short communications
Islands of the upper River Ob: morphometric characteristic, evolution and dynamics
Golubtsov G.B., Chalov R.S.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):80-90
The impact of recreation on linear erosion in the Olkhon region
Karavaev V.A., Opekunova M.Y., Solodyankina S.V., Znamenskaya T.I., Vanteeva Y.V.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):91-102
History of Science
The first steps in the earth aerospace remote sensing in the Institute of Geography RAS
Asoyan D.S.
Geomorfologiya. 2019;(1):103-108