The journal founded in 1970. 

I.P. Gerasimov and Yu.A. Meshcheryakov played the leading role in the foundation of the journal. The latter was also the first Editor-in-Chief and prepared for print the first 4 issues. Unfortunately, his work was stopped by the early death. A.A. Aseyev superseded him as the Editor-in-Chief and continued his activities as such for a long time, until D.A. Timofeyev took charge of the journal (1989–2010). Another name to be mentioned is N.S. Blagovolin who had been working as a deputy editor from the very beginning of the journal, for more than a quarter of century. The former executive secretary – L.E. Setunskaya - made a noticeable contribution to the success of this project. Among managing editors, V.D. Levina should be noted as a great specialists in publishing trade. Many eminent scientists belonging to various schools in geomorphology widely known both in our country and abroad were members of Editorial board at different times.

The journal has overcome the difficulties of the last decades, and the very fact of its persistence against all the odds proves beyond all doubt that the geomorphology is needed at present, and the specialists in this field are actively working and the geomorphological data are finding ever-widening application in various spheres of the scientific knowledge of the World. Among the subjects discussed in the journal there was a broad spectrum of problems, from structural geomorphology and morphostructural analysis of relief to aesthetic and environmental geomorphology, along with the geomorphology of cities. 

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