New data on the mineral composition of unique rhenium U-Mo-Re ores of the Briketno-Zheltukhinskoe deposit in the Moscow Basin

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Data on the mineral composition of Re-rich U-Mo-Re ores from the Briketno-Zheltukhinskoe deposit that were obtained using state-of-the art analytical equipment are presented for the first time. The deposit is confined to Lower Carboniferous (Missisipian) coal-bearing strata in the Moscow Basin. The found mineral association of Re ores has made it possible to identify the most likely rhenium carrier minerals. They are Mo-containing minerals: wulfenite, ilsemannit, ferrimolybdite, and kamiokite. Re is hosted by them and partly replaces Mo in the structure. The association of Re with U, Mo, Se, Ag, V, Tl, As, Ni, Co, and dispersed organic matter is recorded.

About the authors

S. Yu. Engalychev

"A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute"

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, 74, Sredny prospect, St. Petersburg,199106


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