Analysis of the generalized heat equation applied to the solution of the dynamic problem of thermoelasticity

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Based on the approximate solution of the dispersion equation, the paper presents an analysis of the system of dynamic thermoelasticity equations taking into account the generalized heat equation. It is noted that during the wave process of heat transfer, a sufficiently intensive process of energy exchange between thermal and elastic fields is realized, while depending on the relations of the characteristic relaxation times, the direction of energy exchange can change.

About the authors

B. A. Zimin

Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named after D.F. Ustinov


Russian Federation, 1, 1-st Krasnoarmeiskaya street, Saint-Petersburg, 190005

Yu. V. Sudenkov

Saint-Petersburg State University; Institute of Problems in Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Siences

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, 7/9, Universitetskaya embankment, Saint-Petersburg, 199034; V.O., Bol'shoy prospect, 61, St. Petersburg, 199178


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