First data on the composition of the Atlantis Rise rocks (Central Atlantic)

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Paper provides original data on the composition of the volcanic rocks of Atlantis Rise in the Central Atlantic. In relation to incompatible elements, volcanics of the Rise were formed at low degrees of partial melting within the garnet depth facies. According to Pb and Nd isotopic ratios, their composition cannot be unconditionally attributed to any of the nearby magmatic provinces (Madeira, Canary or Cape Verde). They are distinguished by the high radiogenity of Pb isotopes, pointing to a significant addition of the HIMU component. There is no significant addition of the EM 1 component. We can assume that the volcanics of the of the Atlantic Rise were formed from an independent mantle source.

About the authors

A. A. Peyve

Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, 7, Pyzhevsky lane, Moscow, 119017


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