Trace elements of naftides of oil- and gas-bearing basin

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The parameters of the concentration distribution of trace elements in the oil fields of oil and gas basins of the world, their physic-chemical properties, as well as the geological and geochemical features of oil formation in these basins were studied. It is shown that the ontogenesis of hydrocarbons associated with deep tectonic transformations (geodynamic factor) controls not only the placement of naphtides in the sedimentary cover, but also the diversity of their metallogenic specialization. The classification of oils of various ontogenesis zones is given in accordance to the degree of their enrichment of mineral elements and their belonging to the vanadium or nickel metallogenic type. The oil, characterized by primary rich concentrations of trace elements of the main zone of oil formation, and oil with initially low concentrations of trace elements in the zones of early generation are presented. The processes of transformation of the composition of oils in the areas of hypergenesis lead to their enrichment, whereas the oil of the catagenesis zone is depleted in trace elements.

About the authors

S. A. Punanova

Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, 3, Gubkin Street, Moscow, 119333


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