Mental disorders associated with flooding

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Floods and other natural disasters play a significant role in worsening the mental health of the affected population, which determines the need for timely and effective medical and psychological assistance in the disaster zone. The most common type of mental disorders due to flooding is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); in addition, floods are also associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other psychopathological conditions. Assistance to victims is carried out in two directions: strengthening of psychosocial support in the usual (primarily family) environment and medical and psychological support of specialized specialists.

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About the authors

Dmitry I. Kalashnikov

Specialized Clinical Psychiatric Hospital № 1

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation, 350007, Krasnodar, Krasnaya str., 1

Anna A. Portnova

State Scientific Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Addictology named by V.P. Serbsky

Russian Federation, 119034, Moscow, Kropotkinsky per., 23

Svetlana V. Shport

State Scientific Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Addictology named by V.P. Serbsky

Russian Federation, 119034, Moscow, Kropotkinsky per., 23


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