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Vol L, No 1 (2018)

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About mother Yulia Savinovskikh, deprived of adopted children because of desire to change sex (tragic legal consequences of imperfections of psychiatric classifications)

Mendelevich V.D.


In the article the case of Yulia Savinovskikh from whose family two adoptive juvenile children who have lived within several years with trustees and their own children and received during this time the effective help in therapy of the chronic diseases have been withdrawn, is analyzed. The surgery fact (a bilateral mastectomy) for the purpose of the further sex change which was carried out in Yu. Savinovskikh after approval of her husband and relatives, has formed the basis for withdrawal of children. Justification of the judgment was the instruction on the fact that the transsexualizm belongs to the category of mental disorders in the presence of which the person can’t adopt the child or accept him under guardianship. The described case has highlighted aspect, relevant for modern psychiatry, – the actual legal equating of behavioural disorders and deviations, to mental with distribution of rights’ deprivation of such persons.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Original article

Ketamin in therapy of pharmacoresistent depressions in patients with double diagnosis (naturalistic study)

Zobin M.L.


Pharmacotherapy of depression based on a monoaminergic model in many cases is not enough effective. In this regard the ketamine treatment results of pharmacoresistant depression by subanaesthetic doses, including the patients with double diagnosis, are of interest. Method: in an open label naturalistic non-randomized trial, 12 patients with non-psychotic treatment-resistant depression (10 of whom had concomitant addictive disorder), 6 sessions of ketamine therapy (0.5 - 0.75 mg/kg intravenously) were undertaken. Clinical and psychometric (Beck scale, visual analogue scale and scale of general clinical impression) assessment were used. Statistical processing - general linear model and nonparametric criterion. Results: the effectiveness of therapy was noted in 11 of 12 respondents, and in 7 ones the improvement was qualified as significant. The total scores of the scales applied corresponded to 50% reduction of depressive symptoms (p≤0.05). Conclusions: ketamine proved to be an effective and safe method of the fast achieving therapeutic effect in patients with therapeutically-resistant depression. However insufficiently representative sample, the lack of a control group and the mechanism of randomization and the open nature of the study limit the wide extrapolation of the results.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):15-20
pages 15-20 views

Descriptors of pain sensations and sensitivity in Parkinson’s disease

Nikishina V.B., Shuteeva T.V., Zapesotskaya I.V., Petrash E.A.


Results of the descriptors of the interceptive senses study: first, the total number of descriptors interceptive sensations significantly higher compared to healthy subjects with prevalence of pain; Second, patients with PD accurate differentiation characterized by pain descriptors and emotional relationship; third, the high intensity of pain reduces the differentiation of sensory sensations of pain, increasing the importance of emotional relationships. Analyzing the characteristics of linguistic semantic signification touch sensations of pain and emotional relationship to pain, we can conclude a high degree of differentiation of semantic units.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):21-27
pages 21-27 views

Strategies of overcoming and the level of viability at adolescents’ suicide behavior

Ovchinnikov A.A., Sultanova A.N., Borodina E.I., Zelenskaia V.V., Sycheva T.Y.


The problem of identifying suicide risk in adolescents, especially among high-risk subgroups, requires a multifactor analysis not only of etiological factors, but also individual psychological characteristics of suicides, which could help significantly in predicting risk. The purpose of this work was to study the protective-coping strategies of adolescents prone to suicidal behavior and to analyze the effect of the level of viability on the dominance of certain protections and copings. It has been revealed that adolescents with high suicide risk are more likely to use the defense mechanisms “regression”, “projection”, and “substitution”, as well as coping “escape-avoidance”. A low level of viability increases the frequency of manifestation of coping “distancing”. The use of avoidance strategies for adolescents with high suicide risk can be seen as an attempt to improve emotional regulation.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):28-32
pages 28-32 views

Psychological characteristics of IT workers with different professional tasks

Paskenova A.V., Makaricheva E.V., Fatkhutdinova L.M.


The study involved 99 IT-workers who were divided into 4 subgroups depending on the content of the job: 3 groups of professional IT-workers – system administrators, software developers, product supporters (62 people), and a group of office workers (37 people). The neurotic state questionnaire by Yakhin and Mendelevich, the Pittsburgh sleep questionnaire, as well as a questionnaire on socio-demographic indices were used. Software developers showed a significant tendency to neurotic depression and reactions of hysterical type compared with the other groups. This was related with both the personal characteristics of the workers, and the content and organization of work. For the other two subgroups of professional IT-workers, characterological features played a more important role in the development of neurotic states than the content of the job.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):33-36
pages 33-36 views


New psychoactive substances: kratom, DMT, serotonergic hallucinogens, dissociative drugs. The mechanism of action, psychoactive effects

Antsyborov A.V.


Through the times of human culture there was a desire of using various chemical compounds, obtained from both natural plant material and artificially synthesized, for recreational purposes. These substances can cause changes in the mental state, influence the human behavior, change social activity. The review is devoted to NPS, which have only been thoroughly studied in recent years. These substances include: mitragynine (Kratom), dimethyltryptamine, a new generation of serotonergic hallucinogens, ketamine, and other dissociative substances.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):37-43
pages 37-43 views

Possibilities’ analysis of modern methods in diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders

Pichugina Y.A., Arapiev Y.U., Lopatina O.L., Salmina A.B., Higashida H.


Various approaches to diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders, based on identification of genetic, morphological, metabolic biomarkers, and also registration of peculiar features of character by means of scales and questionnaires have been analyzed.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):44-53
pages 44-53 views

Spontaneus resolution of syringomyelia is a rare variant of the disease course: analysis of clinical and neuroimaging descriptions

Mendelevich E.G., Nurullina C.S.


The cases of syringomyelia described in the literature with spontaneous collapse of the cavity are analyzed. Differences among patients with cavity decay in childhood and adults are assessed. The basic theories of cavity shedding in syringomyelia are presented in this article.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):54-60
pages 54-60 views

Mental disorders associated with flooding

Kalashnikov D.I., Portnova A.A., Shport S.V.


Floods and other natural disasters play a significant role in worsening the mental health of the affected population, which determines the need for timely and effective medical and psychological assistance in the disaster zone. The most common type of mental disorders due to flooding is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); in addition, floods are also associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other psychopathological conditions. Assistance to victims is carried out in two directions: strengthening of psychosocial support in the usual (primarily family) environment and medical and psychological support of specialized specialists.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):61-63
pages 61-63 views


Identity as a target of psychological counselling at clinic

Solovieva S.L.


The paper deals with the content of psychological counselling at clinic. It includes reasons of an insufficient demand for a clinical psychologist and his/her insufficient performance. Psychological counselling at clinic, unlike clinical and psychological interventions or psychotherapy, does not have an unambiguous definition and does not depend on regulatory documents. There are no specific indications and contraindications for psychological counselling, as well as application rates and standards. As a main direction of psychological counselling, the author does not only refer to coping in the social reality, but also to a patient’s adjustment to own personality and counselling to overcome a personality disorder caused by an illness. The new identity, albeit under new conditions changed by the illness, develops as far as the patient follows a trajectory of his/her life and achieves goals relevant for him/her based on significant values.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):64-72
pages 64-72 views

Recommendation for practitioners

Lithium in drinking water: is it really a real reducing in mortality?

Sivolap Y.P., Portnova A.A.


Studies of the hypothetical association between lithium in drinking water and suicide rates are considered. It is noted that some studies provide evidence of a negative association between the concentration of lithium in water and the risk of suicide, while other studies do not find convincing evidence of such association. Obviously, this issue requires further epidemiological studies that would take into account the impact of additional, primarily socioeconomic, factors.

The authors of the article express the opinion that, regardless of the ability of lithium in drinking water to reduce the mortality of the population, lithium preparations, due to their obvious and proven anti-suicidal properties in pharmacological application, should be used more often in clinical practice.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):73-76
pages 73-76 views

Impulsive aggression: recognition and choice of pharmacotherapy

Snedkov E.V.


Instrumental (controlled) aggression is observed in populations of both mentally healthy and mentally ill people. This type of aggression is not associated with any specific pathophysiological changes and cannot be considered as an independent symptom, which might be a target of pathogenetic therapy. By contrast, impulsive aggression is a paroxysm of anger, based on affectively narrowed consciousness when volition control is significantly reduced or absent. Impulsivity is different from cognate compulsivity by the loss of a stage of intellectual processing of affectively painted representations and by that the irrational attraction to action is realized involuntary, automatic. All impulsive-behavior patients are united by common pattern of neurobiological abnormalities, such as deficit of frontal inhibition of subcortical unconscious emotions and inclinations in response to relevant arousing stimuli. The results from evidence-based research, meta-analyses and Cochrane reviews of efficiency of pharmacological agents used for reduction of impulsive aggressive behavior were summarized.

Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):77-91
pages 77-91 views

Brief communications

Conservative treatment of non-traumatic intracerebral hematoma: the risk factors

Trubilova M.S., Guzanova E.V., Semenova T.N.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):92-92
pages 92-92 views

Peculiarities of morphofunctional parameters of the heart in patients with acute ischemic stroke of different localization

Gimajev R.K., Кrestjaninov M.V., Lankov V.A., Zakuraeva K.A., Dudikov E.M., Маshin V.V.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):93-93
pages 93-93 views

Pain syndrome in the clinic of multiple sclerosis

Pysina A.M., Snytkina N.N., Маslova N.N.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):93-94
pages 93-94 views
pages 95-96 views

Neurorehabilitation in paraproteinemic polyneuropathy

Yakovlev A.A., Yakovleva M.V., Smochilin A.G., Lelekin A.S.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):96-98
pages 96-98 views

The Relationship of focal neurologic symptoms and emotional neuro-psychological disorders in patients in the acute period of ischemic stroke in the basin of the middle cerebral artery.

Mashin V.V., Dudikov E.M., Zakuraeva K.A., Lankov V.A., Martynovich O.I., Salomadina A.V., Shalunova L.A.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):98-98
pages 98-98 views

Memorable date

125 years of the journal «Neurology Bulletin» named after V. М. Bekhterev

Mendelevich V.D., Ismagilov M.F.
Neurology Bulletin. 2018;L(1):99-101
pages 99-101 views

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